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5 gallon bucket for growing weed

Just transplanted some 6-and-a-half-week-old plants from 1-gal to 5-gallon buckets, using Roots Organic soil in both. Plants are 16 inches high, kept at an average of 68 degrees and 30% humidity. (Altitude is 6500 feet.) The strain is a cross between Burkle and Nina Limone.

How would you water them?

Grow closet.
2’x4’x5′ aluminum reflection on walls
1x 4′ Sunblaze t5 54w bulb for seedlings/clones
Viparspectra 300w led for veg/flower [orderded/otw]
Nuitrient:[MG] 24-8-16 vegatative nuits
[MG]18-24-16 preflower/transition nuits
N/A Bloom nuits
​​​​​Medium: "Just Natural" Organic soil
Pest control: Neem oil & sticky paper

– Seeds & Growsite – I Love Growing Marijuana Forum by Robert Bergman.

What size pots for indoors?

Similarly, you may ask, how big is a 5 gallon pot?