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600w led grow light for weed

600w led grow light for weed

Grow Space: 2’x3′ or 3’x3.5′

Get breakdowns of their best models for growing cannabis:

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ViparSpectra LED Grow Lights

I will be adding moe pictures of real cannabis plants growing under these lights soon, to help you know what to expect. Keep checking back!

Grow Space: 2.5×2.5’ coverage at 36” (suitable for vegetative stage) and 2×2’ coverage at 28” (suitable for flowering stage)

3 Main Types of LED Grow Lights

These marijuana plants were grown under a ViparSpectra 600

Actual Power Consumption: 300W at full power, dimmable

600w led grow light for weed

Cultivators who grow in tiny spaces, such as closets, attics, and grow boxes will benefit from using a 600w LED grow light because they offer ample light for small areas.

If you find that you’ve perfected your growing style with 600w HID lights, then you’ll surely feel the difference once you make the jump to LED grow lights.

Most 600 watts LED grow lights use between 90-300-watts of power. If you compare this to a 600w HPS grow light, then you’ve already reduced your electricity bill by 50% or more.

Depending on the accessories and built-in features, your 600 watts LED grow light can weigh from a wispy 5-pounds to 20-pounds.

Who Will Benefit From a 600 Watt LED Grow Lights?

By combining these three factors, stealth growers won’t need to build a powerful ventilation system that compromises their grow space.

This is most likely the reason why you’re here. When it comes down to it, most of you are considering the feasibility of growing your own cannabis.

Typically, this isn’t a common issue with well-known brands, but there’s a high chance you’ll find a few burned-out diodes on your brand new 600w LED grow light system.

Diode Malfunctions

HID grow lights are notoriously known for the heat that they generate. 600w-1,000w HID lights will turn your grow rooms into a furnace if you don’t have a proper AC unit to counter their effects.

This means that many types of bacteria and fungi are a challenge to get rid of, and the best method in preventing them is by using this natural method.