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apartment growing weed

Apartment growing weed

So, before you germinate your seeds and turn on your grow lights, make sure you’re allowed to grow indoors with whoever is in charge of your lease.

Because the number one rule of having a cannabis garden is don’t tell anyone about your cannabis garden.

Growing Weed in an Apartment: The Smell

Today, we’ll talk about the ways you can grow weed in an apartment, some tips on apartment growing and the rules you’ll have to work with.

Closet vs. Grow Tent vs. Grow Box

Breaking a lease isn’t going to land you in jail or anything, but losing your place to live sucks.

Apartment growing weed



Where to Grow Weed in an Apartment


Good airflow prevents your room from becoming too hot or stuffy for your plants. High humidity can increase the risk of mold and mildew formation across your garden. A dehumidifier can maintain optimal humidity levels.


The consequences of violating a rental agreement may vary by the property manager and state and local law. While you may not get evicted immediately, you may face court appearances or eviction if you continue to engage in this illegal activity.

Apartment growing weed

Around the first half of may, if you have enough space to grow in, we recommend starting your second round of autoflowering plants. If you don’t have enough space, you’ll need to hold off and if you weren’t able to germinate earlier due to bad weather, now is the time to do it. Around this date,your first round should be about 4 weeks old, and once the new round is about a month old you’ll be able to harvest and plant again.

Choosing the right flowerpot is incredibly important; there’s a difference between autoflowering pots and pots for normal plants, for example.

This stage is for growers lucky enough to have a decent climate at the start of September; you can plant autoflowering plants and harvest towards the end of November, if your climate allows.

Autoflowering pots tend to be 18L or 20L at the most, although the size of your pot is going to depend on the amount of space in which you’re going to be growing; if you don’t have much space and/or want discreet plants, we recommend using 7 or 11L flowerpots.

weed grown on balconyFourth Stage:

Fabric flowerpots are a great choice; they don’t heat up much and allow your roots to air much more, which increases root growth, which in turn means large yields. However you’ll need to water more frequently, and feed them more often too. You can also transplant straight into the ground while in the flowerpots or into larger pots without needing to remove your fabric pot.

Outdoor growing season starts as soon as spring arrives, although depending on where you live it may or may not be possible to start growing, this depends on the temperature and how hot the sun is. Regardless of this factor, we recommend growing various autoflowering plants (normal or XL) combined with a few seasonal plants that are either fast, early versions or normal flowering plants.

In general, you can start growing cannabis on your balcony towards the end of March, although we’re going to go through the various different stages right now to make it clearer.

Autoflowering flowerpots

When your growing area has light contamination at night, you’ll have to grow a non light-dependant autoflowering plant. If not, your plants might not even flower correctly due to having their nocturnal cycle interrupted.

Spring time has finally come around which usually means good weather, depending on where you live, and growing weed in an apartment on your balcony or roof is a great way for medicinal and recreational consumers to grow their own affordable crop. In this post we’re going to show you one of the best ways to grow cannabis on your balcony, depending on your growing conditions and the needs that you need to meet.