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australian cannabis seed banks

Australian cannabis seed banks

Are you on the market to buy marijuana seeds in Australia? Whether you’re an experienced grower looking to boost the genetics of your current plant or a newbie grower hoping to grow cannabis seeds of the highest quality for the first time, you need to make sure you’re choosing the best seed banks that will protect your privacy so you won’t get ripped off.

1) Mediseed Man

Founded in 2019, this quality seed bank entered into the industry in 2020 with the backing of some of the most well renowned breeders around the world. Although you may not know them by name you will come to know them by quality.

Best Seed Bank – Mediseed Man

They do this by having a close relationship with high expert seed breeders that help produce some high-quality, creative, successful cultivars that demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the genetic features of the plant.

Australian cannabis seed banks

In milder regions of Australia, cannabis seeds can grow any season of the year outdoors, giving growers up to four harvests in a single year.

Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Australia

As per the 2019 National Drug Strategy Household (NDSH) Survey, 36% of Aussies aged 14 years and older have used cannabis at least once in their lives, with 6.6% of respondents using it within the last month.

Cannabis Culture in Australia

Fines issued for cannabis-related offenses typically must be paid within 28-60 days to prevent further legal repercussions. Should you be particularly unlucky and be sentenced to imprisonment for a simple (small quantity for personal use) cannabis offense, the maximum sentence is two years in most territories, three years in Queensland.