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banana puddintain seeds

Banana puddintain seeds

A lower tester bud I cut last night

I’m coming to the end of my first run of Banana Puddintain from seed. I’ve narrowed my hunt down to 2 phenos out of a pack of 12 reg. Seeds.


They both stretch quite a bit. I flowered them both at about 3 ft and one ended up finishing its stretch at around 6’2 and the other one finished at about 7 Ft and stretched past the lights

Lower tester buds before trim

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They grew absolutely caked rock hard buds from top to bottom however and they have a super loud kushy/banana/fuely almost berryish funk with red leaves as they fade and nice pink/purple hues throughout the bud. Can’t wait till its ready to smoke

Banana puddintain seeds

See y'all on the 5th

From what I gather reading around on various strain websites, it's a high THC hybrid. With Banana OG/GMO Cookies lineage.

I was able to find this on the seeds website tho

Is banana a good night time body high I hope

Moderate CBG. From the NJMMP library:

Oh man! Can’t wait, swamp boys makes it, and most there stuff is so fire. I’m sure breakwater will grow and cure it well too, gonna be a good one!

It’s 26.35 thc on the state website. You gotta log in first then click marijuana strain lib, and it’s at top of list for breakwater

Any idea what Kush 4 is a combination of? I was told OG Kush but not sure what it’s crossed with.

Banana puddintain seeds

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Banana Puddintain effects

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