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best nutrients for growing cannabis in coco

Best nutrients for growing cannabis in coco

There are 17 essential mineral elements for plant growth broken up into macro and microelements or nutrients.

What About Cannabis Nutrient Deficiencies?

Your marijuana plants only need a tiny amount of molybdenum, which means a deficiency in this micronutrient is rare. It plays a role in a pair of important enzyme systems that convert nitrate to ammonium.

Molybdenum (Mobile)

Despite its importance, potassium deficiencies are common. If you use a natural fertilizer such as bat guano, please note that potassium is the least abundant nutrient of the big three. Fixing major deficiencies requires a water-soluble fertilizer high in potassium.

Best Nutrients for Coco Coir – Ironhead Method

Vegetation (weeks 2-5)

Ironhead suggests a mix of 50/50 coco coir to perlite.

Best nutrients for growing cannabis in coco

No matter which nutrient brand you’re using, even with chelated nutrients, cannabis roots are better able to absorb some chemical forms of nutrients than others. This is where pH comes into play. When the pH at the roots is too high or too low, it actually changes the chemical form of the individual nutrient compounds, making it more difficult for your plant to absorb the nutrients it needs.

Often when growing cannabis in coco coir, it is helpful to supplement with extra Calcium and Magnesium as calcium deficiencies & magnesium deficiencies are relatively common in coco coir. There are many supplements that provide a boost of these nutrients, and pretty much all of them will work fine. A commonly seen one called “Cal-Mag” by Botanicare works well (and is pretty inexpensive), and so does “CaliMagic” from General Hydroponics. Coco coir is an excellent growing medium as long as you maintain the pH between 5.5 – 6.5 and make sure the plants have enough calcium and magnesium.

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Most of this plant’s leaves are a dark hunter green. Dark leaves mean the nutrient dose is too high and should be reduced. Although not really a problem in the vegetative stage, this excess suppresses bud growth in the flowering stage (buds don’t get as big as they could).

Poor Nutrients for Coco

Like nearly all cannabis nutrients, the included schedule is aggressive and can burn your plants if given at full strength. No matter what nutrient system you’re using with your coco coir, I always recommend cutting the amount of nutrients in half compared to what you see on the bottle or from the company, and only raising the amount if the plant is started to get pale or llime green colored (which is a sign it needs higher levels of nutrients).

In order to get the best results growing cannabis in coco, it’s important to give the right ratio of these crucial nutrients so the plant gets what it needs at the right time. For example, if you give too much Nitrogen in the flowering/budding phase, it actually surpresses bud production and reduces your yields even if the plant is completely healthy! You don’t want that!

Plus, the amount of nutrients you use changes depending on your plant and its stage of life, and changing the nutrient levels will almost always change the pH, too!

Best Nutrients for Coco

Learn how to adjust your pH to prevent nutrient deficiencies
(It’s easy! It’s kind of like a supplement you add to your reservoir to get better growth)

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Optimum pH of 5.5-6.5 <—- Sooooo important in coco