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best soil for cannabis seeds

Best soil for cannabis seeds

So there you have it. Now you know what the best soil for cannabis plants is. Did you already purchase your cannabis seeds? Be sure to germinate them and then plant them in your nutrient-rich soil. You’ll be watching the miracle of growing your own weed plants from up close and personal before you know it!

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The acidity of your soil is indicated by its pH value. Soil has a pH value, just like a jar of pickles or battery acid. pH values can be high (alkaline) or low (acidic). For weed plants, pH values ranging between 6 and 6.8 are ideal. Slightly lower values will still allow the plants to grow. Most commercial potting soil has a pH value somewhere between 6 and 7, so these are well-suited for cannabis plants.

The nutrients present in the soil power the growth of your plants. The potting soil you buy usually contains enough nutrients. It might be wise to add some extra nutrients once your weed plants start to flower, since your soil could be depleted at that point. You can increase nutrient levels by adding compost, humus, or worm manure, for example.


The soil in which you plant your seeds makes up the upper layer of the ground. In natural conditions, this is a mixture of organic remains, clay, sand, and tiny rock particles. If this is your first time growing cannabis, then you should invest in buying high quality soil. The soil ought to be sufficient to provide your plants with nutrients all throughout the growth cycle. That way, you won’t need to add any additional nutrition or growth boosters.

So why would you bother with finding good soil? You just want to grow cannabis, right? Isn’t that just a matter of putting seeds in the ground and off you go? If only it were that simple. Without care for the right soil, you could get a meagre harvest, or your plants could even wither and die. With just a tiny bit of information on the best soil for cannabis plants, you’ll significantly increase your chances of healthy and bountiful weed plants.

You have a number of options at your disposal when choosing the best soil for your cannabis plants. You can also mix several types for your perfect personal blend. Sandy soil will not retain enough water. Silty soil drains a bit too fast, while clay soil will retain too much water. The best soil is a blend of these three: loam. Loamy soil is a mixture of sand, silty soil, and clay, with some added organic compounds. Loam has the optimal balance between retaining water and drainage, while also being rich in nutrients. The only downside to loam is its relatively high price. Still, you are bound to get a return on that investment. It will pay off in the form of big, strong, and healthy plants.

Rich In Nutrients

Look for the following factors when buying soil for cannabis plants:

Find out how to germinate cannabis seeds in your soil!

Best soil for cannabis seeds

The following video shows the soil texture you want (this is Coco Loco, an excellent soil for growing cannabis)

Important Cannabis Soil Considerations

Try to get soil that looks like this!

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Recommended soil nutrients: