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best weed growing forum

Best weed growing forum

In 2019, Vermont attempted to curb youth vaping by enacting a 92% tax on all vape products, including vaporizers, vape juice, and e-cigarettes. What they failed to consider was that certain vaporizers are not meant for tobacco/nicotine, and now local smoke shops are having trouble providing cannabis users with vaporizers. Add your name to the petition to urge Vermont lawmakers to carve out an exception for cannabis-intended use in the 92% tax, to increase accessibility to safe consumption methods for all Vermonters.

Act 164 Retail Opt-In Guide

Petition to Exempt Cannabis from the Vape Tax

Best weed growing forum

But her first step is obtaining Health Canada’s approval for outdoor cultivation.

In early March, 48North signed a licensing agreement with U.S.-based Arbor Pacific Inc. to be the exclusive supplier in Canada for its cannabis brand Avitas, which specializes in making pre-filled cartridges to insert into vape pens.

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A Health Canada licence technically enables a company to apply for a permit to either import or export cannabis provided the partner nation agrees to the movement of product. But cannabis can only be moved across borders for medical or research purposes so each individual market is essentially landlocked, a strategic hiccup for many companies looking to expand abroad.

According to Health Canada’s cannabis licensing guide, outdoor cultivation is not a separate licensing category. A producer that has a standard cultivation or micro-cultivation licence is able to grow outdoors subject to Health Canada’s approval of the site.


According to Cannabis Compliance Inc., a consulting firm that advises licensed producers on Health Canada licence applications, outdoor growing requires at least 75 to 90 frost-free days. But an LP seeking to grow premium cannabis with more desirable strains would require a longer grow period before harvesting — that could be a gamble given the long duration of Canadian winters.