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c4 seeds

C4 seeds

A joyful balance of Indica and Sativa. The effects of C4 are therefore balanced and somewhat more mellow. Users will experience a light head rush to begin with, that slowly morphs into a more relaxing deep body high. Great for an evening relaxation or a bit of light meditation.

A bulky Indica that will develop multiple bud sites sparking rich purple buds tightly wrapping around the nodes and the stem. A resistant and forgiving plant with good internodal spacing. Growing up to 100 cm in height, she’s a hardy producer and will thrive even in the northern climates, indoors as well as outside.

Plant Appearance

An easy-going plant that’ll be great for pros and beginners alike. Easily adapts to LST and other light training techniques. This hybrid will have a mixed set of effects, but leave her for just that little bit longer and you may find the effects to be more Indica and better for those evening smokers.

Explosively compact and erupting in color. C4 buds are made up of rich purple leaves with wispy crystal-covered orange pistils.

Grow Tips

A complex tasting strain; a rich earthy/berry taste dominates the palette, that is softened by sweet buttery flavors making the smoke smooth and the overall taste sweet

C4 cannabis has a distinct sweet and sour aroma, like pine and lemons with an earthiness that hangs around once it has been extinguished. Its flavor is like no other, complex in its sweetness, with obvious floral and cheesy notes, and a surprising twist of lemon on the tongue. This mouthwatering bouquet is a welcome combination for patients treating chronic and severe depression, and to lift the weight of sadness and negativity from your mind.

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C4 marijuana boasts a complex flavor profile that cannabis consumers of every experience level will love, and love to grow! With upwards of 23% THC, it’s a sweet treat best saved for the evening.

It’s been described as a fun, relaxing smoke, the kind you would share with friends. C4 marijuana is excellent at the end of a long day or work week when all you want is to kick up your feet and rest. Have munchies on hand for the inevitable cravings post toke! Because of its intrinsic sedative properties, C4 cannabis is best saved for the evening or a lazy day, where that tingling heaviness can be truly appreciated.

If you are a fan of fragrant cannabis strains, C4 marijuana should be the next on your list of strains to sample in your garden. A balanced hybrid with a soaring THC content (upwards of 23% at times), it’s a cannabis strain that will boost your mood and provide soothing relief from mental health issues and other physical concerns.


An indica-leaning hybrid, C4 marijuana can easily be cultivated by growers with experience levels ranging from beginner to master. Preferring a dry climate, it can thrive whether planted indoors or out and develops into medium height plants that boast upwards of 23% THC. An average of eight to nine weeks flowering is all C4 marijuana needs before this delightful strain is ready to harvest.