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cannabis seeds high yield per plant

Cannabis seeds high yield per plant

Buy High Yield Pineapple Haze Seeds

Easiest for growers and breeders in the tropics.

Super Silver Haze

⚖️ In the ground, Mango Haze plants will go until late October or November, producing over 2 kilos each. Yield is also high indoors at over 550 g/m2.

Considered one of the first next-generation hybrids bred from Skunk #1, Super Skunk’s performance remains among the best marijuana strains in 2022. The vibrant plants grow well in most cultivation setups, including hydroponics, indoors, and outdoors.

Dream Queen

A tall-growing strain, Mango Haze may be flowered early indoors to control the excessive stretch. Outdoor growers can start in the spring to get large bushes.

Cannabis seeds high yield per plant

Whether you’re a hobby grower or commercial cultivator, high yielding strains are the bread-and-butter crops that keep stash jars full and cannabis enthusiasts happy.

How to Choose the Best High Yielding Cannabis Seeds

Lastly, did we mention THC Bomb’s flowers are utterly drenched in resin? If you require massive yields for your next extraction — THC Bomb is the perfect high yielding choice.

#11 Amnesia Haze

If you’re looking for a high yielding cannabis strain that’ll make the grow room smell like Pepe le Pew, Super Skunk seeds are a must.