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cashmere seeds

Shipping info, policies, etc:

Q u a n t i t y :: 1 strand = 50 beads

C u t / S h a p e :: 3 cut seed beads, Trica seed beads

CASHMERE TURQUOISE SEEDS .. 50 Premium Picasso Czech Glass Tri-C

O r i g i n :: Czech Republic

Love, love, love.
A lovely random mix of turquoise and creamy opal glass coated in an earthy metallic Picasso finish. **PLEASE NOTE: I did notice that some beads are not perfectly faceted due to the handmade nature. Size of the beads do vary, please take this into account before ordering if you require beads to be a precise size for your project.**
Cashmere Turquoise Seeds.

F i n i s h :: earthy metallic Picasso

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S i z e :: approx/varies 3x4mm, 6/0 seed bead size <1/4 inch = 6.35 mm>

Cashmere seeds

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