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caught growing marijuana

Caught growing marijuana

After the surgery, she said she was overprescribed opiate painkillers, which led to her collapsing on a stairway, which led to further injury. It was this incident that led to her distrust of pharmaceutical opiates for pain management.

The Kennedys found that the state of Iowa, however, was less forgiving. Nine months after their arrest, LaDonna and Randy Kennedy pleaded guilty to manufacturing, delivering and possessing drugs with the intent to manufacture or deliver marijuana. In return, they received two years’ probation. The sentence was lenient, considering a class D felony in Iowa can result in a five-year prison sentence.

LaDonna Kennedy resigned immediately after the arrest. But the Kennedys, longtime fixtures and known good samaritans, have enjoyed a great deal of support from members of their community.

The future of medical marijuana in Iowa is not a bright one. A long-held Republican vice-like grip across all segments of the state government has stymied any push for more liberal drug laws.

LaDonna and Randy Kennedy have tried to return to their normal life as much as possible. After her arrest, LaDonna was fired from the eye clinic she had worked at for 25 years. It took her seven months to find another job – one that pays her a third of what she once made. Randy works long hours doing the tough physical stuff his job requires, despite nearing retirement age. Neither of them drinks or will take opiates, which has left them with few remaining options for pain management, resulting in “many sleepless nights”.

In most cases, when these conditions are present, charges will be upgraded to a Class A felony, which carries the potential for a substantial increase in potential penalties.

According to section 13A-12-217 of the Alabama Code, an individual can be charged with a Class B felony if he or she unlawfully manufactures marijuana, or possesses any amount of the necessary precursor materials or substances to manufacture marijuana.

An individual who cultivates marijuana can face enhanced charges in Madison County if two or more of the following factors were present during the commission of the offense:

If you have been arrested and accused of growing marijuana, you are undoubtedly under intense pressure. Consulting with an experienced drug defense attorney in Madison County could help alleviate some of your stress, while also giving you a legitimate chance of making it through the legal process without suffering devastating consequences.

Enhanced Charges for Marijuana Cultivation Offenses

Although the manufacturing of cannabis may not take place in a laboratory the same way methamphetamines are produced, the cultivation of cannabis is a serious offense. Due to its Schedule I classification, arrests stemming from marijuana related offenses tend to result in felony charges.

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This means that if an individual has the necessary material to cultivate marijuana, he or she can be charged with a criminal offense, even if he or she had not actually started or completed the process.

Information Center for Alabama’s Marijuana Cultivation Laws

A Class B felony offense of manufacturing cannabis is punishable by up to between two to 20 years in prison, along with a fine of up to $30,000. If the offender faces enhanced class A felony charges, he or she could be sentenced to 10 to 99 years, or life is prison, and a fine of up to $60,000.

No matter how bad the situation may look, a defense attorney with adequate experience may be able to find mitigating factors that could lead to a reduction in your charges or penalties. If you are charged with a felony marijuana crime, don’t hesitate to contact a Huntsville marijuana cultivation defense attorney at our firm today.