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CBD research is expanding all the time, and CBD for runners could be the following enormous aspect. Intrigued about CBD and how it can help your running and recovery? Here's our round-up of products to help you do just that CBD oil is now in everything from muscle balms to pillow sprays, but can it really help runners to recover faster? We look at the best CBD oils on the market

CBD Gummies: Do They Help With Running?

CBD is an abbreviated form of Cannabidiol, and it is becoming increasingly popular. CBD research is expanding all the time, and CBD for runners could be the following enormous aspect.

Because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics, CBD can be an effective medication for runners’ knees. Though it won’t solve the problem entirely, CBD is a beneficial supplement that can assist runners in managing pain to heal faster, which eventually helps them run. CBD is helpful to runners’ infractions because, essentially, the pain you may experience while running is not caused by visible injuries but rather by severe inflammation around the joints.

When a runner runs, their joints consume a ton of effect, so their body may attempt to counteract by transmitting more blood to the region, but this can negatively impact and cause pain. You may discover that it is easier to regulate pain and get back to doing what you enjoy by decreasing inflammation with comprehensive and purposeful consumption of CBD in the form of gummies.

Why are CBD Gummies so popular?

Did you know that one type of CBD is authorized as a seizure medication in the US? CBD gummies are gummies infused with Cannabidiol, a chemical found in Cannabis sativa, and it is also recognized as hemp or cannabis. The plant of Cannabis sativa contains over eighty chemicals known as cannabinoids. The widely known compound of cannabis is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). On the other hand, CBD is derived from a strain of the plant called cannabis Sativa that contains only minimal amounts of THC.

CBD appears to impact some chemicals present in the brain, but these are distinct from THC’s effects. CBD in a prescription form is used to treat seizure disorders (epilepsy). CBD also treats anxiety, pain, dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, and various diseases, but there is no decent scientific information to fund these claims. In 2018, laws made hemp and its products legal in the United States.

How to consume CBD?

CBD is sold in several ways in the market, and you can get these products online or from offline Vendors. Most of the popular methods in which you can use CBD are:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Topical Cream

One of the most prominent means to consume CBD, and mostly in runners, is in the form of gummies. If you are thinking of consuming CBD, make sure you buy your product from an authentic and trustable brand.

Are CBD gummies effective for runners’ knees to help them run?

Runner’s knee, or discomfort in the knees after jogging, is inflicted by swollen tissues around the knee cap rather than actual tissue damage. CBD gummy is a risk-free means to discover pain relief because it reduces inflammation. CBD is proving to be an excellent supplement for athletes of all levels. However, CBD for runners’ knees is not always a complete solution. CBD can provide additional, momentary relaxation, but a doctor should address any crucial traumas or breaks.

Though it cannot necessarily repair or “cure” anyone, CBD gummies are a tremendous means for runners’ knees and can provide some relaxation. Seeing a specialist is still recommended to confirm that nothing else is causing your pain.

Running is hard on your joints in common, and ample of the discomfort you may feel is affected by inflammation in the tissues surrounding your joints rather than actual injuries. CBD gummies for swallowing and inflammation are beneficial procedures that provide significant relief.

Are CBD gummies beneficial for muscle recovery of runners after a long run?

CBD gummies will not necessarily speed up muscle recovery, but they will assist you to prevent anguish and inflammation as much as feasible during muscle healing. CBD can aid in the healing procedure in ways other than pain management.

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A good night’s sleep after a long workout can be an excellent time for healing. For example, after a strenuous workout or a muscle injury, the body requires immense relief to restore and refurbish shattered tissue. CBD, especially CBD gummies, are formulated for good sleep and can assist in promoting healthy sleep patterns by decreasing tension, facilitating sleepiness, and helping you fall or stay asleep all night.

Should you consume CBD gummies before going for a run?

If you take CBD gummies before or while working out, you may notice that your training gets on nicely, and you feel more adrenaline rush. CBD enhances blood progression to the muscles and alleviates pain associated with exercise.

You may also discover that CBD improves your mood, which can be incredibly effective when exercising. Be aware that CBD can make you feel extra relaxed and exhausted, and its consequences differ from person to person, so it may not be a good idea to try CBD for the first time before a big race. Incorporating it into your training session can be beneficial if you know how CBD affects you.

CBD Dosage & Restrictions

It is essential to know that some promising research has been conducted on CBD for athletes. CBD gummies are an excellent choice for runners due to their pain-relieving properties. Reduced swelling and inflammation can also help a runner recover from a training session or race. Because it is all-natural, you do not have to worry about it causing harm to any organ of your body part, as several anti-inflammatories can.

Furthermore, unlike other anti-inflammatories, CBD has fewer restrictions on its use. You can modify your dosage to your specific needs, even changing it daily if crucial, while preventing severe or horrible side effects. This is a huge benefit when contemplating how many widespread pain pills have robust and hazardous side effects.

While it is impossible to “overdose” on CBD, consuming “too much” CBD is dangerous. Regulate your consumption and pay attention to the consequences so that you can expand or diminish as required.


If you are an athlete or runner wanting to enhance your fitness and well-being, The cbd cherry gummies may be the magical answer to all your concerns. The compound’s beneficial impacts on the body have been ascertained through thorough examination and investigation. If you have never tried herbal supplements, you should start with a lower dose of CBD and deliberately increase the dosage to meet your requirements. Also, it is essential to buy CBD products from a trustworthy source.

The CBD products that can help running recovery

Intrigued about CBD and how it can help your running and recovery? Here’s our round-up of products to help you do just that

The medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant have been used for centuries to heal and restore health. In ancient times, herbalists and physicians cultivated cannabis extracts to help cure everything from the common cold to indigestion, and in the last few years the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) which is found in the plant has created a major buzz in wellness circles.

There are so many health concerns that CBD is thought to help address. From helping you to sleep better after a long run or before a big race to melting away post-workout pain, this wonder ingredient can help to turbocharge training.

Here’s our round-up of some of the latest CBD products to help running recovery.


1. Cheerful Buddha CBD Infused Chocolate

Your perfect post-run healthy indulgence. Made with the finest sustainably sourced single origin cacao and precision infused with UK hemp-derived CBD oil, Cheerful Buddha’s 70% dark CBD chocolate is the ultimate go-to recovery snack. A Great Taste award winner, it delivers all the benefits of high-quality CBD in a deliciously smooth and rich luxury chocolate. Buy it online or from WHSmith Travel stores nationwide.

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Available in Plain, Mint and Orange flavour.

2. Ardoa CrossPro CBD Muscle & Joint Recovery Cream 50ml

High in CBD, anti-inflammatory and 100% plant-based, CrossPro Topical is specially formulated to aid in sports related muscle, joint and skin recovery. It combines 18 nourishing botanicals, selected for their therapeutic benefits, with 750mg of pure CBD isolate to create a powerful addition to your post workout routine.

Get £5 off + free shipping with code WRUNFIVE at the checkout.

3. Mission C Pre-Workout + CBD Heating Muscle Balm

Mission C’s Pre-Workout + CBD Heating Muscle Balm is the perfect way to prep your leg muscles before any training run or big race day. Infused with Pure Isolate CBD plus Arnica, Camphor, Menthol and natural essential oils, this luxurious balm intensely heats the muscles, stimulating blood flow while reducing inflammation and providing the required energy boost for your best performance yet.

4. Fourfive CBD Thermal Joint Gel

Designed to keep you moving, this CBD Thermal Joint Gel is the perfect post run saviour. Combining 300mg of premium CBD with active ingredients such as glucosamine, arnica and menthol, this innovative formula is 100% natural and paraben free. Apply the joint gel as and when needed and feel the warming effects on aching joints.


5. Runk CBD Foot Cream

Our feet are what keep us going throughout the miles, so why wouldn’t you want to look after them? They’re often forgotten about, so it’s time to put them on the front foot (pun intended). Runk’s CBD Foot Cream is thick and buttery, and full of natural oils, to provide an intense moisturising treatment for dry and cracked heels. Use after a run to keep your feet in tip top condition! The CBD element can help relieve pain with its anti-inflammatory elements.

£14.95 | runk.co

6. Holistic Herb CBD Oral Drops

Holistic Herbs THC Free CBD Oral Drops use a unique delivery technology, Total Bioavailability™, to enable better absorption into the bloodstream. Model, racing driver and TV personality Jodie Kidd uses these drops as an alternative solution to treat her anxiety and pain. She takes the drops each morning and evening, and through the day as necessary when she has an important meeting or she’s travelling through crowded areas. If it works for Jodie!

Available in single & double strength in 15ml, 30ml & 60ml.

7. Papilio CBD Tiger Balm

For centuries, Tiger Balm has been used to bring relief to tired and aching muscles, to ease headaches or as a decongestant. Combining the wisdom of this ancient recipe with the beneficial properties of CBD, this premium quality balm quickly soothes by massaging just a small amount at the point of discomfort. The perfect addition to any runner’s recovery kit!

Get 20% off CBD Tiger Balm with code RUN20 at checkout.
Valid until 31st December 2022.

8. Runk CBD Joint Relief Cream

Made with natural ingredients to provide pain relief, Runk’s CBD Joint Relief Cream is designed for runners to help the post-run issues. Created with CBD which has anti-inflammatory elements, use this cream to help ease tired muscles and joints post-exercise.

The best CBD oils for runners

CBD oil is now in everything from muscle balms to pillow sprays, but can it really help runners to recover faster and sleep better? We look at the evidence – and at some of the best CBD oils on the market

CBD oil now appears in everything, from muscle balms to pillow sprays to ice cream. It promises everything from helping us sleep better, to improving our recovery from long runs and easing our aches and pains. And the CBD oil marketing machine is clearly working: according to independent research, between 8 and 11% of the UK population have tried it in the last year.

But what is it, and does it really work for those muscle aches and pains? CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of many compounds found within the marijuana plant. Another one of these compounds is THC – tetrahydrocannabinol – and this is the compound that is psychoactive, changing the way your brain works to produce a high. CBD, however, has no psyschoactive effect and – the World Health Organisation agrees – is safe to take.

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However, while it may be safe, there’s relatively little information yet about how it works. Graeme Close, Professor of Human Physiology at Liverpool John Moores University, who studies CBD, explains that ‘The scientific literature is a long way behind, because it’s been under prohibition for many years. There is some evidence that it can help with pain management, with anxiety, and with sleep, and obviously those are three really important things from a sports performance perspective,’ says Close. ‘There certainly is a mechanism for all three of them scientifically. It’s just that at the moment I would say the research evidence needs to catch up, to explore these claims better.’

What’s the best way to take it?

As CBD oil is now in everything, you might wonder what’s the best way to take it – oil, capsules, balm or spray? As you’d probably expect, the science shows ingesting it is more effective than rubbing it into your skin. ‘If we looked at a sort of hierarchy,’ says Professor Close, ‘well, I would absolutely by no means want to advocate vaping or smoking, but that appears to be the most effective way to get it into the system. Then it’s the drops under the tongue, then tablets. Even less is known about the balms and things.’

And how much is a good dose to take? It’s hard to say, because research suggests that CBD may react differently in different people. ‘We know that the European Food Safety Authority have set the safe upper limit at 70 milligrammes a day,’ says Professor Close. ‘But we don’t know that’s an effective dose. Also, if a label on a bottle states that a CBD oil contains ‘1,000mg of CBD’ that refers to how much is contained in the entire bottle, So what percentage will be in a few drops?’

Quality control

One reason the experts are cautious is also issues around quality control. One recent study tested 25 products and found only three of them had anywhere near the CBD content claimed on the label. Another US study looked at 84 samples and found only 26 contained the amount of CBD claimed. More worryingly, 18 of them contained more THC than they said. CBD products sold in the UK must contain no more than 0.2 per cent THC content, but even that would be more than enough to get you banned as an elite athlete. So anyone wanting to avoid THC must be careful to get CBD from a source that tests each and every batch properly. As Grayson Hart, who set up PureSport CBD, says, ‘All our products are tested by BSCG [The Banned Substances Control Group], which tests for all banned substances and contaminants, and certifies that the product is exactly the strength it claims to be. Unfortunately the CBD world is riddled with brands that don’t take that seriously, and are out to make a quick buck’.

In January 2019 the Novel Foods Act included CBD for the first time. This means that to stay on the market, CBD products had to apply for authorisation. This process is ongoing, and products are allowed to stay on the market until examined, but a large number could well be removed. ‘Hopefully then we will get rid of the cowboys, which will just leave the credible brands on the market,’ says Professor Close.

‘At the moment, you could end up spending a lot of money without really knowing what you are getting, and how to take it. But there are some really credible brands who are funding research and doing their best to answer these questions.’

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