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From tingly lubes, to soothing body oils, these are all the best CBD products for sex to spice things up in the bedroom 5 Best CBD Lubes for Anyone Looking to Increase Their Orgasms Bottom line, CBD lube is safe, it feels good, it can improve your sex life, and give you the most intense orgasms ever (so intense These are some of the best CBD lubricants that promise to relax and reinvigorate all the right places during sex without getting you high.

Spice Up Your Life: These Feel-Good CBD Products Are Made for Sexual Wellness

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The more that CBD goes mainstream for stress-relief, the more conversations are popping up for a different use for CBD to help people have better quality sex. After a surge in sex toy sales during quarantine, everyone is still seeking out the best ways to improve their time in the bedroom, so it’s not surprise that people are turning to CBD for their sexual health.

The best CBD for sex not only points to a wider cultural shift way from the taboos associated with CBD, but an overall different approach to intimacy. Even mainstream sites like Urban Outfitters are now carrying a whole range of CBD oils, supplements, and cannabis-infused skin care.

Sketchy “performance” pills and powders are a thing of the past, now being replaced with sophisticated intimacy oils and lubes for sharing with a partner. Because of this shift in the way we talk about improving our sexual health, brands have been releasing some of the best CBD products for sex that we’ve ever seen.

This new wave of CBD sex products are meant to satisfy a range of needs, whether you’re looking for something with two-way benefits, or ways to help your own self-pleasure time. If you’re too stressed or “in your own head”, adding CBD to the mix can be a unique way of helping you decrease in muscular tension and get a more relaxing release. Looking to spice things up? If you’re in a relationship, you can use CBD as a way to enhance the experience for the both of you as a couple.

How Can CBD Help Improve Sex?

People are turning to CBD for sex for a multitude of reasons, including increasing pleasure (for you and your partner), easing performance anxiety, and decreasing any pain that might come from stress tension (or even chronic conditions that can effect sexual performance like endometriosis).


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You can also use CBD as a natural way to help lube up during sex, thanks to the cannabinoid receptors in your reproductive organs. If you’re using a body oil or topical infused with CBD, it can potentially increase blood flow, sensitivity and promote your body’s own lubrication.

CBD might also be effective at easing the anxiety that comes with all the distractions in the bedroom. Research shows that CBD could potentially help you relax (no matter the situation), as well as get you in the mood by enhancing signals to your anandamide neurotransmitter.

What Are the Best CBD Products for Sex?

As CBD has become mainstream staple in our bedside nightstands, you can find a wide variety of different forms tailor-made for your sex life, from tinctures, to body oils, to lubes and pre-rolls. There are plenty of CBD products now aimed at helping you improve your sexual wellness, so how do you know which one to choose?

First decide if you want something topical, such as personal lubricants or massage lotions, that will need to be applied during foreplay or before you start so you can give it enough time to have an effect on your body. Some topicals are also meant more for people with vulvas than those with penises, so be sure to check how they should be applied.

Pre-rolls, tinctures, and edibles will be the more bioavailable options (aka, it’ll absorb faster into your system), but it’s arguably not as sexy to pop a gummy as it is to oil your partner up. Whatever works best for you and your sex life is what you should go for, but we’ve rounded up the best CBD products for sex to help you get in the mood.

1. Papa & Barkley Releaf Body Oil

If you want a sensual intimacy oil that can also double as a full-body massage oil with all the benefits of full-spectrum hemp extract, then Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Oil has got you covered from head to toe. Don’t get us wrong, at 400mg of CBD, you can totally use it as lube if you want those tingles, since the the base is jojoba and MCT oil, which can be absorbed topically. But there’s so many other calming ingredients that are aah-worthy for you skin, like Vitamin E and eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender essential oils. Start with 2 to 3 soothing pumps, then apply liberally (to yourself or a partner), massage, and let your tension melt away.

2. Her Highness Keep Calm Bath Bomb

What’s sexier than a bubble bath? Well, you can loosen up even more in the tub with the super relaxing Her Highness CBD Bath Bombs. The Keep Calm Bomb Box contains four of these calming bombs, each one with a whopping 100mg of CBD. Each bath bomb is handmade with all the stuff you want (essential oils like chamomile and rose), and none of the stuff you don’t (artificial colors, parabens, and sulphates). Just drop one in your bath whenever you want to feel a little extra rejuvenated. You can even use these after a long day of work, or any time you want to make your leisure time even more luxurious. However, you can intensify the experience with Her Highness’ own Pleasure Oil that works even harder to get you wet than the bath.

3. Foria Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD

Foria is the gold standard of CBD lubes, and their Intimacy Sex Oil is the real “O”-G when it comes to keeping things super simple so you can get right down to business. While they do have a best-selling “Awaken” Oil meant to boost arousal for people with vulvas, their Intimacy Oil has zero THC, and is meant to help release tension and keep everything slippery and juicy for any kind of body. Sex Oil has just two all-natural ingredients — 400mg of broad-spectrum CBD and organic MCT coconut oil, that’s it. Since your body absorbs what you put in it, it’s great for easing overall discomfort and assisting with any kind of penetration. However since Sex Oil is, well, super oil-y, it shouldn’t be mixed with latex condoms, so keep that in mind.

4. Kush Queen Water-Based CBD Lube

Kush Queen’s lube is water-based, meaning it’s compatible with latex toys or condoms. It’s a great alternative to all the oil-heavy lubes out there that might get too sticky, or ruin your fun. Their CBD lube was also created with any body in mind, meant to increase blood flow overall and increase sensation, wherever you apply it to. It’s also just a much gentler lube overall, and is paraben-free, petrochemical-free, and non-staining. While it doesn’t have as much CBD as other lubes (30mg), if you have sensitive skin, or want to play with toys, this non-irritating lube should be your bedroom companion.

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5. Car Sex Herbal Spliff

Like ordering a “Sex on the Beach” at a bar, it might seem a little on the nose, but Barbari’s Car Sex Herbal Spliffs are meant to enhance that exact experience. These pre-rolls of organically-grown hemp flower are mixed with their Car Sex herbal smoking blend to give you, as the brand says, “a smooth and playful lift off.” There’s around 30mg of CBD and less than .3% THC in each spliff, meant to loosen you up with other ingredients like raspberry leaf, mullein, white sage and lions tail. The added mullein means it won’t be as harsh a smoke as some other CBD pre-rolls, so you can keep the dirty talk going all night long.

5 Best CBD Lubes for Anyone Looking to Increase Their Orgasms

Bottom line, CBD lube is safe, it feels good, it can improve your sex life, and give you the most intense orgasms ever (so intense that you never want them to stop, FYI).

There seems to be nothing that CBD cannot solve. It helps you experience calmness, can make you feel less anxious and, even enhance your sex life. How? With some CBD lube.

CBD lube can massively enhance your sex life. It can increase sensitivity, and make you feel more relaxed, which can lead to bigger, better, and more intense orgasms.

But it’s not just the holy climax that CBD lube can help with — it can also help with vaginal pain during penetration, and can lessen irritation and dryness.

You may be wondering whether this is a dream product — and the answer is, simply put, yes. Research has shown that adding CBD into your sex life can even increase your sex drive, and your body’s response during sex.

And, if you suffer from conditions such as vaginismus, PCOS, or even the menopause, CBD can help to decrease pain and inflammation.

So, how exactly does it work? Well, CBD is a compound found in the flowers and leaves of cannabis plants — a compound that unlike the rest of the plant, doesn’t get you high. According to an interview with Dr Wilson-Manigat, in Prevention, “CBD may increase the level of sensation, because it causes vasodilation”. This, according to Dr Wilson-Manigat, means that CBD can widen the veins to bring more blood to the area.

He adds: “For women who are having trouble with things like vestibulitis and vaginismus, they might benefit from using that type of lube because it decreases the sensation of pain”.

Unfortunately, there’s no *actual* scientific research on CBD being used in the vagina, but many people with vaginas have had fantastic experiences — including me.

To be real with you: I struggle with orgasms. I was in a sexless relationship for almost six years, and during this time, I felt very down, and attractive. Before this, I could orgasm incredibly easily, multiple times. Over and over again. But it’s almost as if, during the relationship, my body forgot how to do it.

Even with my new partner it has been a struggle, and I can only ‘get off’ with mutual masturbation. Even so, my orgasms are nowhere near as intense as they used to be. Until I tried CBD lube.

I tried the orgasm enhancing CBD lube by Dani Pepper, the ‘O’, and it was practically life-changing. Okay, well, it made a huge difference to my sex life.

I was hesitant to use it at first, wondering whether or not it would work for me, because I was so ingrained in the belief that my body no longer ‘works properly’. But I was wrong.

I didn’t use it during penetrative sex, because I have never been able to come from this. Instead, I used it during masturbation with my partner. Usually, orgasms for me can take up to an hour to achieve (which is frustrating and alas, a little boring), but with the lube, it took around fifteen minutes. For some, this may still seem a long time; but for me, it’s super speedy.

Masturbation felt different, too. My vagina was incredibly sensitive to the touch, and my body really opened up with a sense of calmness. When I finally reached orgasm, it was the most intense, incredible sensation that I have ever experienced. No lies here.

I think one of the best things was that the lube helped me to feel more ‘me’ again. More sexual. More open to the idea of re-learning how to orgasm more quickly, and more extraordinarily.

And maybe, if you’ve ever been in the same situation as me — or even if not — CBD lube might be a game-changer for you, too.

And so, I’m here to tell you about the top 5 CBD brands that offer CBD lube, just to give you some choice and selection. Of course, Dani Pepper is right up at the top. With my experience, it’s only right that they get the top spot for top orgasms.

5 Best CBD Lube Brands to Try

“O”, by Dani Pepper – Best Overall Product

An intoxicating blend of aphrodisiacs, this CBD lube and orgasm enhancer brings a blissful boost to the bedroom. As well as intense orgasms and erotic sensations running through your body at every touch, this lube soothes vaginal dryness, alleviates discomfort, and according to the brand, “offers pure ecstasy”.

The lube is all natural, organic and water -based, meaning it can be used with latex and silicone condoms and toys.

Created with Nanotechnology, the ordinary rules of physics and chemistry no longer apply. Nanotechnology ensures that you’re getting the most out of the product because the active ingredients are broken down into microscopic particles that the body can easily absorb. Other lubes don’t penetrate as easily.

The formulation is natural and plant based — no harmful additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients are used. Natural farming techniques ensure that no chemical sprays or GMOs are used either. This vegan lube contains natural spring water , aloe vera, vitamins, and terpenes for increased health benefits. For example, both vitamin C and aloe vera promote healthy skin.

“O” by Dani Pepper was the brand’s first product. The Dani Pepper team spent years creating it. Then, the research team conducted a doctor-supervised study, and over 90% of participants had a favorable experience using the lube. “One participant made the complaint that using the product ‘made her too wet.’ The research team called that ‘a win.’” says the founders of Dani Pepper, Cara Thien and Joe Maskell

I love what Dani Pepper stands for — empowering women and shattering stigmas surrounding sexual wellness. The site is educational but fun and full of energy.

So, go forth and unlock your desire, and enjoy new heights of sensual pleasure (seriously, it’s worth it).

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Quim Smooth Operator Intimate Serum

This CBD lube features aloe, alongside CBD, which according to the brand, will “improve collagen and vaginal elasticity” as well as reduce inflammation.

This vegan-friendly lube includes aloe vera, which is good for the skin and reduces inflammation. In addition, this formulation is “naturally soothing and anti-fungal, with pH balancing properties.”

You’re supposed to use between eight and ten pumps to get things revving. But this also means you might go through the lube quite quickly, making things more expensive.

However, bonus points: It also moisturizes your vagina.


If you’re looking for CBD lube, you’ve most likely come across the name Foria. This company began the CBD lube movement in 2013 when it released a cannabis line of products for people with vulvas. Since then, Foria has become known for its sustainable practices and lessening their impact on the environment.

Foria proudly works with Hudson Hemp who is regenerative, biodynamic, and certified organic. Regenerative and biodynamic refers to how the hemp is grown to preserve wildlife habitats, the integrity of the soil, and watersheds while taking carbon from the air to be used by hemp plants.

The lube is made of 100% plant-based ingredients and certified organic. Foria combines broad-spectrum CBD with botanicals and MCT coconut oil. As a result, there are no unwanted ingredients that may irritate, such as glycerin or parabens.

The only issue here is that it’s quite expensive, and anyone on a budget might not be able to afford the lube on the regular — and once you’ve started, you’re not going to want to stop. Right?

Infinite CBD Big Bang

Founded in 2016, Infinite CBD has been garnering positive reviews for years. This Colorado company is known for using 99%+ CBD isolate, which means no other cannabinoids are present. This lube is an excellent choice if you don’t want any THC in your system.

Another reason why we love Infinite CBD lube is that it can also be used as a massage oil, which we can’t say about other lubricants on our list. An erotic massage is a fantastic way to get you in the mood.

The lube combines 150 mg of CBD with ingredients that complement its effects. Coconut oil lubricates and moisturizes. Jojoba oil prevents things from drying out. There are also vitamins and essential oils that may act as aphrodisiacs.

Since this is an oil-based lube, you won’t be able to use it with latex condoms — which, is a real downer for those who aren’t on the pill, or those who only use condoms.

Privy Peach

Privy Peach was female-founded out of necessity. In 2017, the founder was suffering from severe pelvic pain and other difficulties stemming from sexual trauma. She wanted a product that helped with pain and inflammation. After not getting anywhere with medications, physical therapy, and other suggestions, she stumbled on CBD.

Privy Peach was formed to help those suffering from similar sexual difficulties. People who use this lubricant report using it for lower body pain, PID, PCOS, and endometriosis. Other positive reviews say that it helps with painful intercourse.

It is not messy because it comes in a solid state and melts once it comes in contact with your body. The downside is this lube is sold in single-dose packets, which is a bit wasteful. Sigh.

I’m sure you still have questions. But don’t worry, I’m here to answer them.

So, why use lubricants?

It’s simple: lube makes sex better. It makes penetration easier, increases sensation, and makes sex a bit more fun and spicy — perfect for anyone who’s a little bored of their sex life and wants something to make it a bit better.

And, lubes also keep you safe by preventing tearing and easing mild pain.

When lube is infused with CBD, you may also benefit from the therapeutic advantages of the cannabinoid, which is always an added bonus.

Lubricant’s aren’t just to use with a partner, you can use them for solo play too.

Is CBD lube edible?

Sure, but it isn’t designed to be eaten. It’s safe if you accidentally consume it during sex — but don’t make a meal of it. If ingested, you won’t get the same results as you would from eating an edible. You can still have oral sex, but it will most definitely feel much better on your intimate parts. If you’re looking for CBD edibles , then here’s a list of the best CBD gummies .

What is CBD lube?

CBD lube is any sexual lubricant infused with the cannabinoid CBD. There are three types of CBD lube: oil, water , and silicone-based. Lubes can be made with additives that supplement the effects of CBD, such as vitamins or aloe vera. Be mindful of other ingredients that may negatively impact your body. For example, glycerin may cause irritation or infection.

What ingredients should I watch out for in a CBD lube?

Firstly, avoid oil-based lubes if you’re using latex condoms and silicone-based lubes if you’re using silicone toys. In addition, there are several other additives that you may want to avoid. For example, glycerin may lead to yeast infection, and nonoxynol-9 may lead to bacterial vaginosis or inflammation and irritation. In addition, petroleum may lead to bacterial vaginosis, propylene glycol may irritate, and controversy has surrounded parabens for their potential to impact hormones negatively.

…is CBD lube even legal?

Yes! CBD is federally legal as long as it doesn’t contain more than 0.3% THC. In 2014 and 2018, two Farm Bills passed that made the research and production of hemp-derived products possible.

There is some confusion about CBD lube because this cannabinoid can be derived from both marijuana and hemp. CBD lube may get confused with THC lube or hemp seed oil lube. CBD lube and hemp seed oil lube are legal in all 50 states, but THC lube is only available in states where marijuana is legal.

Can you use CBD lube with sex toys?

The type of lube you use depends on the material of the sex toy. For example, you can’t use oil-based lubes with rubber toys, and you can’t use silicone-based lubes with silicone toys.

Is CBD lube safe with condoms?

Yes — as long as you’re using water -based lube. The base of the lube should always dictate what type of condom you can use. Definitely do not use oil-based lubes with latex condoms, as this could cause irritation, inflammation, and pain during sex. Which is, er, not very fun. .

Will CBD lube get you high?

The short answer is no: CBD won’t get you high. CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids that are in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are active compounds being studied for their effects on the body. Another cannabinoid is THC. You have probably already heard of THC because it’s the active compound known for the high associated with marijuana. It’s easy to get confused; just remember, CBD and THC are two different cannabinoids. One gets you high, and the other doesn’t.

There shouldn’t be more than 0.3% THC in a CBD lube; otherwise, it would be considered a weed lube and would only be legal in states where marijuana is legal. CBD lube can contain no more than 0.3% THC, which is not enough to get you high.

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Read the labels, check the THC content, and know your state laws to ensure that you are purchasing a legal CBD lube.

Can I use CBD oil or other CBD topicals as lube?

No, don’t use CBD oil or other CBD topicals as lube. They are not designed for that. Lube contains special ingredients intended to work with the vagina’s pH balance and not to irritate that area. On the other hand, oils and topicals may contain ingredients such as sugars that can irritate or even lead to infection. Additives may also degrade the material of condoms or toys.

How is CBD lube different from THC lube?

The difference between the two is how your body responds to the two cannabinoids. People report feeling different sensations where THC enhances the sexual experience, and CBD relaxes, opening the person up to arousal. People also report that the latter helps with pain from sex. Pain can hinder and even destroy the sexual experience.

Keep in mind that there are lubes that contain both significant amounts of THC and CBD. You can only get legal weed lubes containing high amounts of THC in states where marijuana is legal. Use this handy tool to find your local dispensary , or use this tool to find a local CBD store .

Can CBD lube be used rectally?

Yes, you can use it rectally. And that can be super fun! Lubricant generally should always be used during anal sex. This cannabinoid works well in these situations because the anus is very absorbent.

Use thicker lubes for anal sex because the walls of the anus are prone to tearing. If you don’t protect yourself against this, you risk getting an STI through cuts in the rectum. It’s also recommended that you use condoms during anal sex for the same reason. Make sure that you can use the lube with the material of the condom. Don’t use oil-based lubes with latex condoms.

Also, keep in mind that water -based lubes absorb quickly during anal sex and dry out the area. Silicone-based lubes can damage silicone toys.

Does CBD lube work for people with a penis?

People with a penis don’t get the same results as people with a vagina. This is because the cannabinoid can’t penetrate through the thick layers of skin of the penis, whereas it can absorb into the vagina’s mucous membranes. That said, any lube can be pleasurable for a person with a penis as it improves glide, anally or vaginally, making for easier, softer, and better sex for all involved.

The bottom line

Bottom line, CBD lube is safe, it feels good, it can improve your sex life, and give you the most intense orgasms ever (so intense that you never want them to stop, FYI). But you should always be aware of what lube you’re using, and what ones work with condoms. You should avoid oil-based CBD lubes with condoms, and water -based CBD lubes work best, and will feel the best for you. Not only is CBD lube amazing for sex, but it can also decrease pain, irritation, and inflammation — making it an all-roung winner in my books.

This article was written by Hattie Gladwell , she’s been featured in the Metro, Cosmopolitan, Independent, Women’s Health, Buzzfeed and more. She’s also the editor of Breakdown magazine and uses her platform to raise awareness of mental illness and female empowerment.

The reviews and statements published here are those of the sponsor and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of Observer.

The 12 Best CBD Lubes to Buy in 2022, According to Experts

Your vagina won’t feel high, but it may get very, very happy.

We updated this article in August 2022 to add more information about each featured product, based on extensive research done by our team.

Nowadays, CBD is in everything from dog treats to bath bombs, so it was only a matter of time before it wound up in your privates. But what do the best CBD lubes do? And should you try one?

Let’s start with personal lubricants in general: Even if you don’t have problems with vaginal dryness or pain during sex, extra moisture can make sex more fun. Among other more romantic and esoteric things, “Sex is basically applied friction for pleasure, and lubrication can facilitate smoother interaction,” says Brandye Wilson-Manigat, M.D., an OB-GYN in Pasadena, California. You may generate your own wetness just fine, but “using a lube can change the sensation and will usually up the pleasure factor,” she adds.

How does CBD lube work?

When used in lube form, CBD—short for cannabidiol, a compound found primarily in the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant that does not make you high—“may increase the level of sensation, because it causes vasodilation,” explains Dr. Wilson-Manigat, meaning it widens the veins to bring more blood to the area. She adds that it may also have anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects. “For women who are having trouble with things like vestibulitis and vaginismus, they might benefit from using that type of lube because it decreases the sensation of pain,” she says.

Note the use of the word “may” in all of the above. That’s because “there really is no scientific research on CBD being used in the vagina or as a personal lubricant,” says Stacia Woodcock, Pharm.D., a dispensary manager for Curaleaf. In fact, there isn’t much firm data on CBD for almost any use, and people’s responses are highly individual. Woodcock says that women’s sexual pain doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it should, and while she’s glad some are experiencing relief, it’s hard to separate the placebo effect from the effect of the CBD itself. “I would love to see real research behind it. If it is what people are saying and we can know more about it, we can put it to use to better help women,” she says.

The other big unknown is CBD dosing—we don’t know a ton about how much people should take, or even how much gets absorbed through mucous membranes like the vagina and the mouth, Woodcock says. For that reason, you want to “start low and go slow,” she says—the same advice you’d follow if you were taking CBD orally.

As far as side effects go, CBD is thought to be safe. “The biggest thing is that it can make you super drowsy and tired, and that will take a few hours to go away,” explains Dr. Wilson-Manigat.

How we chose the best CBD lube

We chatted with experts Dr. Wilson-Manigat and Woodcock and read through countless user reviewers to determine the best CBD lube options on the market.

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