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chocolate grape diesel seeds

At the hour mark I step outside. I don’t feel the surroundings are enhanced in any way. My brain is too “up” and focused and can’t really connect to the natural settings. The idea of going on a nice brisk walk is very appealing. Things start calming down and I’m not feeling tired on the way out.

First Dose: Small dose (.040g smoked in a glass pipe – about one big hit, held in for 5 seconds)
After taking the hit I immediately started playing some retro video games. About 5 minutes in, I feel my head getting a bit buzzy. The next time I look at the timer, 30 minutes have gone by. Ha, so far I know this is an excellent strain for getting lost in playing video games. Overall I’m enjoying this. My brain is nicely stimulated and I’m pretty alert and focused. The cerebral nature could be anxiety-provoking to some, but it has got a mellow edge. I also have some nice full-body awareness. At the 45 minute mark I’m on my feet taking care of some cleaning tasks. This is definitely a good “do-stuff” kind of strain where you want your brain engaged in something. I’m not getting a very social feeling either.

What we know: There’s a good link out there that discusses the effects as functional and mellow, good for day-time productivity.

Final Thoughts: This was definitely a nice cerebral and uplifting experience that puts some pep in your step while taking the edge off a bit. I suggest having some activities planned to keep the mind occupied.

Chocolate grape diesel seeds

this strain has everything I need in medical cannibis *besides my nighttime dose* at my local dispensary it is close to 28% THC. It really does offer a slight uplifting buzz to it that is unique, taste and looks like its supposed to every time too. I like a reliable strain. I need it for nausea, bi polar disorder, some pain and for mild insomnia as well as anxiety i do have a panic disorder so i usually stay away from sativas but i have started to learn that THC no longer affects me that way! Or maybe I just have good strains who knows? But this is one of the best strains the dispensary offers in my opinion and it helps my ADHD as well so medically speaking it is perfect for me.

Just became new Fave! Feel Amazing! Comes on fast. Little goes a long way, start small. Place smells like Chocolate! Lingering chocolate after-taste! Totally relaxed, could melt into sofa. Can function, but don't want to! Relaxed, Giggly, Happy, Tingly. I'm Melting. No Hunger (Most Important)!

This definitely has a spot in my top 10 favorites. It may fall behind some of the others in curb appeal, but it has such a great balance in the high. It's kind of a shame that it seems to fallen by the wayside after GG#4, I can't find it around here anymore.

This strain just happened to be on sale for $40 a half ounce of popcorn buds. I had to try it at that price, and was I surprised at the quality of this strain. It has a strong head high that comes on within a minute or two and and just keeps you there for a long time. It left me with plenty of energy from the sour diesel side and mellowed me out with the chocolate Thai side. Great combination of strains.

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I bought this strain from Medcity in Los Angeles thinking it would’ve been a straight sativa. As I smoke I realized I got I had to go back and read more information about it. does give you a quick buzz but it will also help you relax.. I order my chocolate diesel a half ounce of nugs at a time and this is my third time getting an order. it’s my new go to

Chocolate Diesel Marijuana Strain

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Love this chocolate diesel I won. Very smooth great tasting easy on the throat & lungs. Nice head stone with relaxing body buzz. I tried some in a bong then was reading the info on the strain then realized I wasn’t remembering any sentence I had just read. so needless to say it is very good.

This is now in my top 10 ALL TIME favorites list! The taste,smell and effects are exactly as described. It earns an EZ A+! If your looking for a strain you can smoke day or night this is a MUST try for you then.