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corprate kush seeds

Corprate kush seeds


Each of the orders comes with free seeds. This is to help you top up your garden and ensure it is full of marijuana seeds. One good thing is that shipping can be fast. Also, the seed bank takes the time to package the seeds right to minimize the chances of damage. If you spend over 100 euros, then you are eligible for free shipping.

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Corprate kush seeds

These are not being good times for our economy, we have been dragging a complicated situation since last year and now that we are just getting up, it explodes again in our faces. We don’t like to ask for help, but we are forced to. Read more

From now on you can enjoy a wide range of seeds from the ACE Seeds and Cannabiogen Seeds seedbanks. They have been many years sharing the same love and admiration for this plant and the good work of some large companies in the Cannabis Landraces. Read more

Providing High Quality Cannabis Seeds

During the last weeks we have had problems with the Paypal payment method, in which we could not receive your payments. This problem is already solved from today onwards. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If any of you have had problems with this payment. Read more

We have a wide range of premium quality marijuana seeds in regular and feminized way.

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From now on you´ll be able to take a look to our Cannabis Strains section, with a good number of different and interesting strains.

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