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easy rider seeds

Easy rider seeds

The new Ruderalis and Skunk crossing is an auto-flowering variety that begins blooming according to the age of the plant, rather than the light cycle.

Named for the famous road movie that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, Easy Rider is the first so-called automatic flowering variety in Ceres Seeds collection. This short, compact and auto-flowering dwarf has its roots in Russia, Afghanistan and Colombia. It is a quick and strong variety that will thrive under almost any circumstances. Flavour and effect are very much on the Indica side of the spectrum. Easy Rider has a musky, herbal scent and a pleasant buzz. It has a surprisingly big yield for such a short and quick flowering plant.

Ceres Easy Rider Female Cannabis Seeds by the Ceres Seed Bank, these feminized marijuana seeds or pot seeds produce female plants thus avoiding the need to sex your plant. Buy these weed seeds from PureSativa Seedbank offering you the widest possible choice of Female Cannabis Seeds.

Easy Rider normally begin flowering when the plant is growing its seventh set of leaves is. Easy Rider is a tough little plant that usually grows to a height of 90-120 cm, and can be harvested at the end of September.

Easy rider seeds

The flowering time on these lovely ladies does take quite a bit. It will take somewhere between 60 to 100 days on average before they start to show their stuff. Don’t be fooled though the reward is worth the wait as these seeds will provide you with a 500 to 600 grams per square meter yield for an indoor grow. An outdoor grow can turn into a virtual tree with the right environment and growing method. Outdoor plants have been known to yield hundreds of grams each.

De Sjamaan Seeds has the ultimate way for you to have that peaceful easy feeling. It goes by the name Easy Rider. This delectable strain of herb was created by blending classic cannabis genetics ofHaze, Skunk and Master Widow. Let me tell you folks these are the type of cannabis seed genetics that collectors go out of their mind to acquire. When you add these cannabis seeds to your collection you’ll be heading in the right direction. The direction of a true connoisseur of cannabis that is. You always find these type of cannabis seed genetics and other high-quality genetics waiting for you to purchase online at Ice Headshop.

• 500-600 Grams per Square Meter Indoors
• 60-100 Days Flowering Time

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It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only.