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ec growing weed

Ec growing weed

Marijuana advocacy groups and the American Lung Association are warning about a link between marijuana smoking and a higher risk of serious infection from COVID-19.

“I think if you want people to stay indoors and not go out and not interact with a lot of people? Pot's a pretty good thing to have,” a Seattle-based dispensary owner said.

The comedian loves to celebrate life in very unique environments. But mainly naked on a snow mountain.

Smoking marijuana may increase risk of coronavirus complications — here’s what experts recommend instead

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The Indiana State Police issued the warning on Facebook earlier this week, alongside photos of “medicated” Skittles and Starburst Gummies, which contain THC, the psychoactive compound of cannabis.

Pot stores see sales climb amid COVID-19 outbreak: 'You can’t take these things away from people in times of stress'

A new study from researchers in Canada has found a higher likelihood of autism in babies born to mothers who used marijuana. Experts weigh in on what we know thus far.

Power players in the cannabis industry are actively working toward dismantling oppressive systems meant to incarcerate people of color prohibit them from finding success in what is now a multi-billion dollar industry.

Ec growing weed

Starting with good quality (low EC) water is assumed. If you are starting with low EC water, the bulk of the EC will come from the base nutrients.

*EC units are expressed in microsiemens. 400 microsiemens = 0.4 millisiemens

Quality of Starting Water:

As water transpires from plants and evaporates from pots it causes EC of the remaining nutrient solution to increase. If you are unable to fertigate frequently, then it will be harder to maintain a tight range between inflow and run-off EC values.

The EC that matters is the EC of the nutrient solution suspended in the coco at the root zone. However, you can only measure the EC of the inflow and the run-off. The run-off EC is the best proxy for the EC of the nutrient solution in the coco. For this reason, your main task is maintaining the run-off EC within the acceptable range.

General EC Ranges for Cannabis in Coco

Nutrient companies should provide you with both a set of recipes in a feed chart and a set of EC or PPM ranges for each stage of growth. The general ranges provided above are appropriate for General Hydroponics Flora Series. If EC or PPM ranges are not provided, you should use the general ranges recommended above. When calculating your target inflow EC, you need to start with the low end of the recommended range.