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gmo weed strain seeds

Gmo weed strain seeds

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GMO Cookies, also known as Garlic Cookies, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that comes from a combination of two particular strains such as Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut). This strain is known for its intense, strong aroma and incredibly relaxing effect; GMO Cookies is the favorite of many indica growers around the world.

GMO Cookies | How to Grow Indoors

GMO Cookies 100% Feminized is a strain available in loose and bulk seeds – it produces an intense garlic, spicy flavor. You’ll be surprised by its amazing effect and aroma.

Outdoors this strain doesn’t really need much extra care to produce decent results, you just need to keep in mind that it’s quite bushy, so you shouldn’t grow it in areas where it tends to rain a lot. Other than that, this strain is ideal for both beginners and experts alike. Under the right conditions and when grown from the start of the season, this plant can grow quite wide, although it shouldn’t grow over 2m tall, which is discreet enough. In order to make sure the buds hold up, we recommend training the branches once it begins to flower; this strain also does quite well with pruning. When done right, you should be able to harvest over 500g from October onwards.

GMO Cookies Origins

GMO Cookies, when grown indoors, does a spectacular job. This plant may be indica-dominant, although it grows more like a sativa, producing long stems and buds, alongside a large amount of resinous trichomes and a potent, characteristic aroma. This beautiful plant can grow between 0.7 and 1.4m. After around 10 weeks you should be able to harvest this amazing plant – in warm, stable environments it can produce between 400 and 550g/m2.

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GMO Cookies is one of the most multi-faceted medical strains. Patients with depression, insomnia, and anxiety can do will with GMO Cookies marijuana seeds in the house. This indica-dominant hybrid delivers powerful effects to both the brain and body — but do not mistake this experience for something alarming and overwhelming. GMO Cookies has a gentle touch that keeps you relaxed and calm while sending your mind on a euphoric trip.

Find yourself feeling happy and relaxed after a few puffs of GMO Cookies marijuana seeds. Great for easing stress and depression, this quick-growing strain will deliver moderate yields and excellent therapeutic results.

GMO Cookies


The effects of GMO Cookies happen in two main stages. The first is thanks to the sativa side, during which your mood may elevate and your brain may experience a boost in creative thinking and positivity. Rest assured that there are no negative side effects of paranoia or anxiety while all this is happening. Thanks to GMO Cookies’ indica side, you will be able to float your way through this with a sense of calm and serenity. Your body will not only melt in the couch but will also feel pain-free. GMO Cookies can help alleviate chronic pain. You may also want to keep snacks around the house as this hybrid makes you very, very hungry.

When GMO Cookies plants reach maturity, their flower will smell of coffee and fruit — a delicious mix, if you ask us. It’s rare to find marijuana strains with coffee notes. It’s a little sweet, a little bitter, and a lot of that cozy, comforting feeling. GMO Cookies marijuana seeds are recommended for evening or nighttime use when you can truly unwind.

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