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growing bubblegum weed

Growing bubblegum weed

If you have grown cannabis in the same growing space and have had problems with pests before, it’s a good idea to spray a little bit of organic pesticide around the grow tent, this will protect your plants, just have in mind that you shouldn’t spray your plants unless you have a bug infestation.

This award-winning strain became popular all over the world and everyone wanted to put their hands on the prized genetics, which quickly ended up in Amsterdam, released by two famous seed banks.

This is the start of this grow journal, the grower started by germinating a couple of BubbleGum Auto seeds in a paper towel, after the radicle grew around 3 cm, the seeds were transferred into a jiffy pellet.

Week 7 – Flowering stage

Remember that before consuming your buds in any way, smoking, making edibles, vaporizing, etc.. you need to dry and cure them, so before chopping them down, make sure you have your drying room ready, even if it’s just a cardboard box, set it up and leave it ready so you can hang your plant as soon as you cut it.

Now that your plants are already drying you’ll only have to wait a couple of weeks before trying them, if you are curious to know what to expect, here are our growers’ reports.

1. History

To be able to see the state of the trichomes, you will need a jeweler’s loupe or something that allows you to clearly see them. Some growers even use their smartphones macro mode but it won’t be as effective as the other tools.

At this stage, you will clearly see the buds taking form, there will be an abundance of pistils all over and you will see more and more trichomes overnight.

Bubblegum strain is a fascinating strain with a far-reaching background and perfectly balanced effects upon smoking. This specific strain has got countless awards of the Cannabis Cup, eventually becoming one of the most honorary hybrid strains ever created. This strain has an Indica to Sativa proportion 50% to 50%, whereas the THC content ranges from 14% up to 18%.

The Strain’s Effects

For thousands of users worldwide, Bubblegum tastes earthy with a hint of sweet aftertaste that usually comes after exhaling. Although this plant has a potent aroma of candy, the taste is a combination of earthiness and a vibrant palette of fruity flavors. Such a combination is responsible for making a getting high procedure creamy, with mild overtones of berries. Such a unique tropical mixture of tastes and aftertastes is a worthy note that delivers a superb flavor that is hard to compare with any other strain on the market.

Aromatic and Taste Properties

As a perfectly balanced strain, Bubblegum offers both Indica and Sativa effects, including: