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growing marijuana hydroponics vs soil

Growing marijuana hydroponics vs soil

Would you like to become one of these enthusiasts and always have some fine home-grown weed? Great! In this article, you will figure out what’s the best way to get started on your smoking hot adventure. So, should you grow weed indoors or outdoors, hydroponically or in soil? Soon you will find out.

Growing in soil

In some cases, indoor cultivation will require additional equipment, which might be pricey. If you want to grow plants inside of your apartment, remember that you will need to have the following: fluorescent light fixtures, induction, or LED grow lights, and an exhaust fan. Cannabis does like light and air.

Grow marijuana outdoors

Outdoor cultivation has its perks:

Hydroponic growth systems were developed to make cultivation more precise but in the process it has become more complicated. Soil has all the nutrients that plants need in naturally occurring forms and the roots of the plant choose what they uptake instead of being forced to uptake nutrients.

Hydroponics can refer to many different methods, all of which involve the input of synthetically derived nutrients to feed the plant. Some closely imitate a natural growth environment – like “ebb and flow” technique, which mimics rainfall through an inorganic growth medium, while some involve plants suspended in midair or in a nutrient solution bath with no growth medium – aeroponics and deep water culture, respectively. By eliminating soil, hydroponics can create completely sterile and optimized systems for cannabis.

“A lot of people prefer soil grown cannabis because the quality of the end product is better,” Weyers said. “Hydro might be more predictable, but the soil helps reveal the true genetic potential of the plant. Hydro always produces the same looking and tasting cookie cutter buds, while soil just creates a little bit more excitement. We choose what is best for our patients and consumers because we are patients and consumers ourselves.”

“There is a lot of technology available now that makes growing easier but when it comes down to growing nothing beats experience and having an eye for detail,” Choice Organics Head Grower Andy Weyers said.

Those factors include everything from nutrients to humidity to the quality and duration of light to temperature and everything in between. Generally speaking, the more controlled an environment can be, the better the crop of cannabis that will result. This gives an advantage to indoor cultivation, though the demand for resources can outweigh the benefits to indoor cultivation.