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growing marijuana in a greenhouse in winter

Growing marijuana in a greenhouse in winter

During the later stages of vegetative growth, the ideal temperature range rises slightly to 71-82°F, and humidity requirements will decrease approximately 5% per week and fall between 40-65%. In the flowering stage of growth, the ideal temperature will fall to 70-78°F. These temperature fluctuations simulate what a cannabis plant growing outside will experience during the spring, summer, and fall months.

Unless the greenhouse grow uses high intensity discharge (HID) lights (high-pressure sodium or metal halide) to extend daylight beyond short winter days, the plants contained within will most likely be auto-flowering strains that flower automatically and mature quickly or indica/indica-dominant strains that can handle the cooler weather.

Heaters and Heat Lamps

If HIDs are in place to extend daylight hours during the nighttime, the warmth generated by the lights will supplement the natural heat the greenhouse retains.

Ideally, insulating a grow tent can be the most cost-effective method since you do not have to insulate the entire space, just the growing tent within the room. When shopping for the best grow tents, look for a sturdy and durable grow tent for best results.

Indoor HID Grows

The success of a cannabis garden depends considerably on the quality of its genetics. If you want to grow weed during the cold weather months, you have the best chance of getting a bountiful yield with big buds by choosing cannabis strains that can withstand cold weather, particularly indica and autoflowering strains.

Growing marijuana in a greenhouse in winter

  • Grow them indoors during September and half-way through October place them in a greenhouse.
  • Plant them later, meaning you’ll need to trick your plants with the light period.
  • Germinate them in a greenhouse.
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The most common winter grows are done in greenhouses. You can grow in flowerpots or straight into the ground because they won’t be as cold in the greenhouse as they would be outdoors. You’ll need to let them grow for around a month or month and a half indoors and then transplant your plants into the greenhouse where they can get a bit more heat at night time. You can also germinate them in the greenhouse from the get go around September, but your plants will definitely be smaller.

If you want, you can make them flower whenever you want but you’ll need to trick them with lights and timers. You can plant whenever you want but keep in mind that after 20 days of growing you’ll need to block out the light somehow with a box, a cover or by sticking them in a dark room. They’ll need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, so every day at 7am for example you’ll need to take them out into the light and then at 7pm, stick them back into the dark. You’ll need to keep this up for the entire rest of the process until harvest day. Make sure you don’t mess up and forget once it’s flowering or it will begin to revegetate and stop flowering completely, ruining the quality of the half formed buds that you’ll end up with.

Here in Spain, the days begin getting longer on the 21 st of December, so you’ll need to sort something out if you don’t want a bunch of revegged plants. You can do a few things to prevent this:

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In warmer places like here in Spain, growing cannabis during the winter time is quite common thanks to our favorable climate in many areas. It’s quite a different way of growing, as your plants will need some special taking care of if you want to get a decent yield. In this article we’re going to talk about the different systems you can use to get the most yield out of those cold winter months.