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growing marijuana in massachusetts laws

You’ll need a government-issued ID to buy from a Marijuana Retailer in Massachusetts.

As the Commission continues to implement regulatory changes that were promulgated in January 2021, information contained on these webpages may require updates and/or verification by applicants and licensees in order to maintain compliance. Thank you for your understanding.

Massachusetts law allows you to grow up to six cannabis plants in your home for personal use, or up to 12 plants for two or more adults. You may also apply for a Hardship Cultivation, which allows Registered Qualifying Patients to grow enough marijuana to yield a 60-day supply for personal medical use.

Check the rules where you live and work.

It’s illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis. Take public transportation, contact a ride-share, or catch a lift with a sober friend.

Employers, landlords, cities, and towns may have their own policies governing the use of marijuana.

Here’s everything you need to know about marijuana in Massachusetts.

It’s illegal to drive across state lines with cannabis. It’s also against the law to transport it on a plane, train, boat, or other mode of transportation outside of Massachusetts.

You cannot send marijuana by mail—even to states and countries where marijuana use is legal.

Growing marijuana in massachusetts laws

It is allowed to have six plants per person with a max of 12 in a household, so if there are two people living in a house they can have 12 plants but if you go above that it’s illegal.

Police arrested two men who were involved in the operation, both men are from Brooklyn, New York. In addition to the plants, police seized $2,500 in cash and a significant amount of growing equipment that covered the whole house.

Cannabis Fire Safety

The two men who were arrested were arraigned in Eastern Hampshire Court Tuesday morning and will have a pre-trial conference on February 12.

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – A significant marijuana growing operation was found in Belchertown this week where police officers found hundreds of marijuana plants that violated the legal limit for growing marijuana at home.

The Belchertown Fire Department received a call of a possible house fire and when they arrived at the home on West Street they noticed a significant growing operation allegedly run by two men from out of state.