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guido kush seeds

Upon exhale, you are left with a warming sweetness in your mouth, almost as though you have just finished a slice of berry pie. The fruity flavors linger in your mouth for some time after, giving you the time you need to really enjoy and appreciate its complexity.

Guido Kush is also an excellent option for those who are looking for a natural way to control both stress and anxiety. The effects of Guido Kush make it easy to push negative ideas and thoughts to the back of your mind, for a much-needed break.


Some people find that they are able to think much more creatively after smoking Guido Kush. The sudden sense of creativity could be due to the fact that your brain is not focusing on stressful and negative thoughts. This allows it to shift its attention to creative pursuits.

The Guido Kush strain is a popular hybrid choice for many who are looking for a little help winding down after a long day. A member of the Kush family, the Guido Kush strain helps you to forget reality and simply chill.

Possible Side Effects of the Guido Kush Strain

We have all had those days when the stress of reality just feels a little too much. Those days when all we want to do is go home and switch off. While a potent indica strain might help you achieve a state of complete relaxation, there are also a few downsides.

Guido kush seeds

THC levels currently remain unknown. However, its high is known to be a great remedy for a racing mind, eliminating most symptoms of depression and stress. Happiness flows into the consumer’s mind as the body takes on full relaxation. Some report an increase in creativity, though creating anything may prove difficult as sedation slowly sets in.

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Negative side-effects beyond typical cottonmouth and dry eyes is paranoia when consuming in larger doses.

Lab Data

Guido Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain that produces a delicious scent and taste reminiscent of fruits. When ready for harvest, its buds are long and cone-shaped, being mossy green with deep orange pistils.

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