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head master kush seeds

Head master kush seeds

Master Kush provides a pleasing and relaxing body buzz but not overly sleepy.


Master Kush is a popular indica cross created out of two landrace strains from different parts of the Hindu Kush region. Master Kush is bred by the Dutch White Label Seed Company, located in Amsterdam. During maturation the plant produces a subtle earthy, citrus smell with a hint of incense, which is often described as a vintage flavor. The taste of Master Kush is reminiscent of the famous hard-rubbed charas hash. This strain holds a superb balance of full-body relaxation without the mind-numbing effect that many indica strains produce. Instead, Master Kush offers a sharpened sensory awareness that can bring out the best of any activity.

Headmaster Kush is rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through a cross of the infamous Headband X Master Kush strains.

Headmaster Kush is rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through a cross of the infamous Headband X Master Kush strains. This powerhouse combo yields a super potent bud with a THC level that bottoms out at about 28-30% on average. That being said, the Headmaster Kush high is incredibly powerful in nature, with effects that can easily overwhelm inexperienced users or those who suffer from anxiety. The high slams into your head mere minutes after your first exhale, launching you into a lifted state of euphoria that leaves your head slightly fuzzy. A calming physical effect comes next, washing over you and leaving you in a state of peace without causing sedation. You may get hungry at times, so be sure to have some snacks on hand. With these effects and its high potency, Headmaster Kush is recommended for experienced users suffering from conditions such as chronic stress, loss of appetite, depression, and headaches or migraines. This bud has fluffy piecey oval-shaped forest green nugs with thin orange hairs and frosty amber trichomes. Headmaster Kush buds have a sweet earthy herbal flavor with an aroma to match that has a lightly pungent turn.

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Headmaster Kush is an evenly-balanced hybrid. This rare strain is a breed of two famous strains, Headband and Master Kush. It has an impressive THC content that has been measured up to 30%. This powerful strain can help treat depression, loss of appetite, anxiety, chronic pain and headaches. The buds are fluffy and oval, with forest green nugs. The taste is sweet, herbal and earthy. Headmaster Kush strain is recommended for daytime and nighttime use. Type of High Headmaster Kush cannabis strain gives a strong body and cerebral high. The initial effect hits hard and given an euphoric boost that is fuzzy at times. Immediately a physical relaxation follows, taking you to a calm and peaceful state. Genetics Breeder: Unknown. Strain Lineage: Headmaster Kush cannabis strain comes from a cross between Headband and Master Kush strains. Indica / Sativa Ratio Hybrid (50% Sativa / 50% Indica)