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horizontal cannabis grow

Horizontal cannabis grow

inneed i have about the same size cab in the process of being built. i am using 4 feet for mothers and clones then i’m goin to do a small forest sog. soon as clones root they go to flower in the other 4 foot section of the cab, like 16 total at a time and just get one main cola off each one.

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Bending is the way to go!

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horizontal growing is totally fine and workable. when the main apical stem grows up a few inches, bend it back down to the 90 deg angle. meanwhile, the axion gowth hormones will shift to the lower nodes and cause the secondary apical growths at the lower nodes to grow upward. by the time your plant is 8 weeks old, (min. age to flower) you will have many grow tips waiting to bloom.

Horizontal cannabis grow

Cannabis trellising does require a bit more skill when it comes to cultivating. There are a variety of pruning and training techniques which growers will need to understand before implementing such growing practices in their operations. Topping, defoliation and LST (low stress training) are just few things you’ll need to understand.

Vertical trellising is most common outdoors, where “living walls” can be created in a vine-like growth pattern without limitations. Commercial growers often use this method as they can create hundreds of plants tiered along outer walls – maximizing their space and increasing their yield.

Vertical & Horizontal Trellis Growing Methods

Cannabis trellising uses framed screens or netting which typically have a latticed pattern evenly spaced throughout. The main benefit of using trellising is to maximize your available growing area, using every square inch for cultivation, while increasing light penetration and eventual harvest.

Cannabis trellising is becoming a popular new alternative to traditional growing in containers, yet many growers are still unsure of its application.

By weaving cannabis shoots through the latticed pattern, growers see a dramatic increase in yield as the more shoots that grow the more you’ll reap later on. Additionally, growers can manipulate how the plants grow based on the spacing available.