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how many lumens needed to grow cannabis

I cannot quite understand how he has put this.


CFL will bud your weed fine at 3000 lumers per each food squared of area.
During budding keep them 3" near plant tops and they will penetrate fine.

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CFL can bud weed and grow it at a good pace just fine. IF you have the right spectrum.
Dont try buddin in blue (6500k)
wont happen.

How many lumens needed to grow cannabis

When you’re getting involved in any new adventure, whether it’s for your own private benefit or as a business venture, it’s important to understand the lingo. This is definitely true in the indoor plant growing industry and there are quite a few terms which may not be familiar to most people, as these don’t generally come up in everyday conversation. In particular, one term that I’m thinking about is the lumen; understanding what this term means is extremely important in making sure you have healthy plants going forward.

What Is a Lumen?

How many lumens do your plants really need? That’s a very difficult question to answer and it really depends on a lot of different factors. You have to consider how big your room is, what type of plant you’re growing, and what type of yield you’re looking for. There may be no ideal amount, but, generally, if you can produce somewhere between 300 and 800 lumens per square foot your plants should prosper quite nicely.

So How Many Lumens Do You Really Need?

The word itself may provide some clues as lumen does sound similar to illuminate, which we all know is another way of saying let’s introduce some light onto the subject. We all love fireworks because of the spectacular way that they illuminate the night sky, and as it turns out your plants love the idea of illumination just about as much as you do. Below we’ll explain exactly what lumens are and what the optimal amount is for healthy plant growth.