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how to collect cannabis seeds

After the whole process of germination, growth and flowering, a lot of growers ask themselves when to harvest Marijuana seeds. Usually, the breeders will include a suggested flowering time for each strain, but as a rule of thumb, Indica marijuana plants harvest in 6-8 weeks while Sativa Marijuana plants take 10-12 weeks.

You can also judge the ripeness of the Marijuana by taking a look at the trichomes; or little hairs/crystals on the flowers and surrounding areas of the Marijuana plant. If they are transparent its still too soon, if they are milky white they are ready and if they turn brown they have become over-ripe. It is also advisable to follow the instructions to harvest Marijuana seeds on the packet since most reputable breeders also have a tried and tested flowering time for optimum ripeness, potency and flavour of a Marijuana strain.

Look for these signs for when to harvest Marijuana seeds

If you meant when to harvest seeds from cross-pollinated Marijuana plants, then the seed will fall from the flower by itself once it is mature and ready to germinate into another Marijuana plant. Usually, as a best practice to harvest Marijuana seeds, some growers wait for the whole flowering cycle to end just as if they were harvesting the flower.

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How to collect cannabis seeds

After dabbing the pollen, cover your plant stalk with a plastic or brown paper bag to ensure the pollen doesn’t reach the rest of the plant and reduce its potential flower potency.

These are both great options to better optimize cannabis cultivation for your personal needs.

There are two main methods that people cultivating at home usually follow. The first involves gathering your dried and cured stalks into a plastic bag or covering and beating the bag until all of the buds and seeds have come off.


Feminized cannabis seeds are a great option for those who don’t want to tackle the sorting of the seeds. These seeds are proof that female plants can produce seeds without males. The plants mature and grow seeds if conditions don’t naturally lead to pollination from a male plant.

After your plant’s ripening period following fertilization, you will finally be ready to begin the harvesting process. Before you can get to harvest your seeds, you still have to follow the usual cannabis curing process.

How to Harvest Seeds, Buds, and Your High

After submerging your seeds in water for several hours, pour the water and the seeds over a paper towel. Cover the seeds with another damp or moist paper towel. Maintaining damp conditions lets your seeds get comfy and sprout taproots during germination.

You should also look for early signs of the plant being male or female. Female cannabis plants will grow pistils on the nodes of the seedlings. Males will produce small pollen sacs which indicate their reproductive maturing.