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how to grow marijuana clones

How to grow marijuana clones

Seed propagation and tissue culture are the two other methods of marijuana propagation being used today.

Two of the three varieties tested in the study rooted 1.5 days faster than the unwounded stems of the same variety. The cuttings were not treated with a rooting hormone.

Tissue culture is a lesser-known method of cannabis propagation that has a similar goal of cutting propagation. Tissue cultures are taken from a small plant cutting and placed in a dense nutrient culture, which is often a type of agar. Using the tissue culture method, small pieces of plant tissue from your cannabis cuttings can eventually create hundreds of clones.

Alternative Methods to Cloning Cannabis

The purpose of seed breeding is to create new plant varieties by mixing the DNA of two different plant cultivars. These seeds can then be used in the seed propagation to grow more plants.

Young plants are extremely sensitive to their environment. Light, humidity, and temperature must be managed closely to keep your plants healthy before moving them to the vegetative growth stage, where they become more resilient to their environment.

How to promote successful rooting when cloning cannabis

In other agricultural sectors, this method of reproduction is called cutting propagation.

We recommend a light treatment of 65% red light, 30% blue, and 5% white to create a fully developed rootstock before moving to the vegetative growth stage.

How to grow marijuana clones

The stem of the cut branch will absorb some water while soaking. This prevents air bubbles from getting trapped in the stem.

Place the new cutting in the small bucket of cold water you just prepared.

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Important: If you add water, add it to the cloning tray itself to fill in the grooves at the bottom of the tray. Do not add water to the tops of the pellets at this point, or roots will take longer to form!