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how to grow marijuana in a hydroponic tent

How to grow marijuana in a hydroponic tent

3.) Hang Exhaust Fan

A good rule of thumb is to keep all electronics above the waist, while anything to do with water is kept below the waist. Don’t leave cords hanging around in the tent. It’s not only safer, but it looks a lot nicer when you wrap cords up neatly and secure them in place

Just like the exhaust fan, I recommend hanging your carbon filter with rope ratchets because a carbon filter is surprisingly heavy and rope ratchets make it a lot easier to make adjustments!

As long as you keep the tent closed and the fan on, you should never be able to smell cannabis in your home or outside. The negative air pressure caused by the sealed tent prevents any air inside the tent from leaking out.

It’s important that there is an air-tight line from the carbon filter to the fan (without any air leaks) in order to prevent smells from escaping the tent!

Some grow tents don’t look particularly suspicious. On the left is a homemade stealth grow cabinet and on the right is a 2’x4’x5′ grow tent that looks vaguely like a clothes wardrobe. They’re just about equally nondescript!

It can be difficult choosing exactly which grow light you want, but once you’ve made your decision at least it’s easy to hang your light! Compare different grow lights

How to grow marijuana in a hydroponic tent

This is a simple, yet essential, bit of kit to hold up everything that needs suspending in your grow tent, the most important being your lights. Ratchet hangers allow you to adjust the distance between your plants and the lights, which is crucial to ensure the plants get the maximum amount of lumens and par available from the bulb. The ideal distance between the plant and light is one foot but you can move it nearer or farther away, if necessary, to achieve the perfect temperature. Just make sure you reposition your oscillating fan as well to keep the air moving.

Now comes the hard work as you monitor, nurture, maintain and adjust your plants and their environment for the next 12 weeks. There is a lot to learn, but try not to put too much pressure on yourself as you can only truly learn by facing obstacles and finding solutions to overcome them.

Going into the vegetative phase, you want four-gallon square to round pots – square at the top and round at the bottom. They are commonly used in indoor growing because they make the most of the available light when placed together. You will also need some large, flat catchment trays to contain any spills, leaks, or mess.

Clip-On Oscillating Fan

If you are standing inside the tent, the order from left to right should go: filter>clamp>fan>clamp>ducting. The ducting is then passed through a portal at the top back of the tent.

A temperature gauge and hygrometer are needed to ensure you can monitor humidity and temperature levels throughout your tent. A digital “all in one” is perfect for accurate results.

Putting It All Together

Setting up a cannabis grow tent can be done in a few simple steps. After that, it’s up to you to learn how to grow and nurture your plants successfully.

It is important that your bulb and ballast wattage always match. So, a 600W bulb should only be used with a 600W ballast, and vice versa. Digital ballasts are the best option. They give you full control, run at the true wattages stated, use less electricity, have a small start-up volt drain, run cool and have a great dimming feature, which is fantastic if conditions get a little too warm in your tent.