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how to grow medical grade weed

How to grow medical grade weed

A light system and building materials will run $350 to $1,000, and electricity costs per harvest are $100 to $200.

One thing is certain: Legalization is changing the landscape of our state. Maybe not our yards, but surely our headspace, our parties, our neighborhoods and our lives. If we understand the plant, it will help us talk about that change using facts rather than fear or naive enthusiasm.

Q:Tell us about the different strains of marijuana. How would people choose one?

Cannabis botany 101

A: Be discreet. You wouldn’t tell everybody you have $2,000 just sitting on your nightstand, so don’t tell everyone you have $500 to $1,000 worth of marijuana in your basement. Putting a lock on your growing-room door and installing a home security system is not a bad idea.

Only 12 have been approved, and while no applications have been rejected, some applicants have withdrawn their proposal due to the difficult security requirements.

Tough security requirements

This means the first lot of Australian-grown medicinal cannabis products could be on the domestic market towards the end of the year.

A crop as precious as gold

However, despite the surge in public support for medicinal cannabis and the issuing of licences for companies to grow or process medicinal cannabis, the TGA said there is only limited evidence from clinical trials and in medical literature to back its health claims.