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how to grow strong cannabis

How to grow strong cannabis

Let your plants get a little thirsty. Not parched. Not shriveled. Just remove a little bit of moisture from their lives. If you can reduce the humidity in your grow room, that’s the perfect move.

This is when your plant is in its prime and the potency level is the highest it’s going to be this grow cycle. Harvest, see if you can tell the difference, take some notes, and start the next cycle.

Looking for a more potent harvest this time around? Whether you want to grow plants with a more psychoactive effect or you want to kick up your weed’s medicinal capabilities, it is possible to manipulate your plants to create more potency.

Let Your Plants Get a Little Dry

For a lot of home growers, getting the chemical profile you want requires some patience and trial and error. Frankly, that’s part of the fun.

Potency is found in resin and oil produced by trichomes. And trichomes are the little, waxy, hair-looking resin glands you see on the surfaces of your plant. The more trichomes your plant produces and the more resin those trichomes make, the likelier you are to get the potency content you’re after.

Optimize Temperature for Potency

This slight change in temperature tells your plants that autumn has arrived . . . which means they need to hurry up and flower for the sake of their species. As a result, your plants put all their energy towards resin production.

Just as they do with UVB rays, the plants protect themselves from dry climates by producing more resin. You know you’d never let them die of thirst. But as long as they don’t know that, their protective instincts will mean more potency for you.

How to grow strong cannabis

Treating your cannabis plant with the utmost care and attention will help you to get the THC levels that master growers brag about. If you want your plant to produce the most potent and frosty buds, treat it like a celebrity.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get cannabis of high quality and potency, you should buy seeds with a genetic predisposition to high THC levels and high cannabinoid levels.


A lot of cannabis growers fail to comprehend the full effects of harvesting at the right time. A plant should only be harvested when the buds are mature and ripe, that is when the trichomes turn milky white, and approximately 30% of the trichomes are amber.

During the flowering stage of a cannabis plant, it produces ethylene—a hormone that helps to ripen the mature buds. Dropping CO2 levels during flowering forces the plant to produce more ethylene to help it ripen faster and produce more resin.

Plant Care and Health

The factors we’ve looked at so far are strictly designed to increase THC levels of cannabis only. However, they aren’t the only known growing techniques that affect THC levels.