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how to grow weed at home without getting caught

How to grow weed at home without getting caught

In the vegetative stage, some plants have a cannabis smell from the beginning, but most strains tend to make a clean, fresh smell akin to the gardening section in a home improvement store. But once plants get bigger and especially after flowering kicks in, the smell can range from tame to “WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!”

Quiet Electronic Devices – Get devices that work without making noise:

Growing Indoors vs. Outdoors

What tools do you need for Stealth Growing?

Electrical Safety

But fret not! We’ve compiled this easy-to-read list of tips to help keep you out of the sight and minds of people who could ruin your life just for growing a plant.

First of all, make sure your extraction fan is hanging freely so that it does not make any sound due to vibration. Remember that extractor fans are constantly revolving which causes a gentle swaying motion. If you use a box fan without sound insulation, you may come to hear a humming or vibrating buzz coming from your grow space due to the fan making contact with another object.

All of this is important because indoor setups with good air systems will be next to impossible to catch unless you tell someone your secret and they snitch. Usually tent systems such as the ones we have come with an air system consisting of a Carbon Filter, a ventilation fan, temperature control and plenty of ducting.

Using an air set up like this will make growing weed indoors without getting caught much easier as the carbon filter will clean up all the smells in the enclosed area and the exhaust will be warm and non-smelling air. During the winter it should be considered to allow the tent to exhaust indoors as law enforcement may perform aerial scans looking for heat signatures and the constant output of heat may raise suspicions, especially if the heat is coming out of a window and not a chimney.

Growing Weed Indoors Without Getting Caught – The Noise

A big issue for growing weed indoors without getting caught is noise. Maybe you can fool the police and your neighbours, but what will you tell mum when she asks you what that constant mechanical noise in your room is? Not to worry, with the sound-insulated fans, you should be good, but there are a few basics to take into consideration.

This leaves one more aspect crucial to growing weed indoors without getting caught, the ventilation system. For all the good things that an adequate ventilation system will do for you, the downfall comes with the noise. Ventilation fans are usually noisy, but a lot of horticultural ventilation producers are taking noise levels into consideration when designing and manufacturing their products and you can find box fans with sound insulation or ventilator fans packaged with sound dampers to avoid sound and vibration from the operating fan.

Growing Weed Indoors Without Getting Caught – The Smell

Another key aspect of growing weed indoors without getting caught is sound-proof ducting. This further muzzles the sound of the extractor fan and its vibration by insulating the output of the fan in a layer of fibreglass, just like ones used to insulate the walls in your house. This will ensure that excess noises are muffled and will help maintain a stealthy setup.

A very important aspect of the mind of growers-to-be is how to go about growing weed indoors without getting caught. As mentioned earlier, if the plants are grown in an environment like a tent, the runoff water will not leak out and the lights at night will not leak into the surrounding area.