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how to grow weed outside in the uk

How to grow weed outside in the uk

Btw, here in the sunny south west, the weed flowering period starts in the beginning of September so you'll need to harvest in November. It can be done, I ended up with about oz of shitty sour diesel.

I don't know your weather that well (American here), but choose a hardy strain that can deal with a little cold and is powdery mildew and mold resistant, Hollands Hope is a good strain for this. Start and veg your plant indoors and put outside when the three warmest months arrive. Consider building an inexpensive hoop house if you have the space/money, you can find plans online for these, or I can elaborate if you'd like. I live in MI and had great success outdoors with a hoop house, with some early fall temps dropping to 38 def Fahrenheit some nights, granted I put a small space heater out there, but the plants did fine. My strains were gifted to me and not necessarily outdoor strains, I had a small amount of PM, but nothing major. Good luck!

Okay I wasn't aware of this thank you!

Also it is a very fine line between having enough foliage to feed the plant in the low light conditions and allowing enough air flow to stop bud root.

I've got some weed seeds and considering to grow it outside as it's illegal and I don't want to be fully associated with it. I'm just wondering if this type of thing would work? Also I know now isn't a good time to do it as it's winter so I'm wondering when I should plan on doing it too.

youd probably want to get seeds for whatever your latitude is. 50+ degrees north or whatever or they wouldn't get enough sun. There are seeds you can get for this far North and further.

Use the fastest flowering indica you can find for photoperiod, you WILL need to shake down the buds twice a day stop budrot as well as the plant having a decent amount of wind running through. I managed to grow some Sour Diesel last year on my balcony, I got some bud root cause I did't shake it for a few days.

Edit: I've ordered some Holland Hope and will start growing them mid/end of May. Thank you for all the help so far.

Plant autoflowers in May.

How to grow weed outside in the uk

Once your outdoor plants are in position, you should protect them. Some growers use chicken-wire (garden wire mesh fencing) around their plants to protect them from deer, rabbits etc. You can use tent pegs to pin down the fencing and stop rabbits getting underneath. The most determined UK cannabis growers will also plant a perimeter of thorny brambles around their plots to deter grazing animals, dog walkers, hikers etc.

Greenhouse cannabis growers often use March to conduct a thorough greenhouse clean. Perhaps with a power washer to ensure the greenhouse is spotless. Clean the glass and remove debris to make it as clean as you can.

What does your cannabis grow calendar look like?

It’s not unknown for the UK to have some great sunny and warm spring weather in March. This can lull UK growers into a false sense of optimism and cannabis seeds may be germinated a few weeks too early to be planted outdoors. Usually the time is better spent preparing your outdoor grow locations. Remember, several guerrilla grow plots are often preferred just in case you have bad luck at one of them. ‘Rippers’ (grow thieves) are a common threat, as are the nuisance of dog walkers and ramblers stumbling upon your grow.

Durban Poison. Perhaps better suited to South East and South West regions in order to finish in time. This is another proven outdoor photoperiod feminised strain which grows well outdoors. Durban Poison seeds are part of the Dutch Outdoor seed collection. This is well worth browsing, all the strains in this collection grow well at Dutch (and similar) latitudes.

What’s the legal status of growing cannabis in the UK?

Some growers, with an eye to the future, will consider a light top soil dressing of worm castings, compost, compost tea or seaweed just to ensure that future nutritional needs are met. Others will add some slow release organic nutrients such as BioTabs to the soil to ensure healthy future growth. You may also wish to get some less hardy companion plants such as Chamomile going to help deter pests later in the year.