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how to secretly grow weed in your room

How to secretly grow weed in your room

Let’s get into some tips for Stealth Growing – keeping your grow “under the radar” of other people.

Growing Indoors vs. Outdoors

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Remember, the only thing better than increasing the potency and yields of your harvest is making sure you get to keep said harvest.

How to secretly grow weed in your room

However, once you receive seeds that were shipped via stealth shipping, you'll understand why it's difficult for someone to intercept the package. I once actually received my seeds and the package had been opened, but Nirvana had done such a good job with the stealth packaging that the officials didn't see the seeds and just sealed the package back up and sent it to me.

If you want to avoid detection, you have a responsibility to become not just reactive, but incredibly proactive to make sure you are not giving off any signs that could possibly hint that you're growing.

If your grow light is big enough to make it hot in your grow room, you will greatly increase your security by investing in a good exhaust system that pulls hot air out of your grow room and vents it outside (but make sure you don't forget Step 3, get a carbon scrubber to ensure you're not venting out the smell of your flowering plants). Good heat ventilation also makes growing less suspicious in your house. That being said, no amount of exhaust will totally offset the heat generated by a grow operation (smaller grows aren't as easy to detect).

Rule 1: Never Tell Anyone, Not Even Your Friends, That You've Started Growing Weed

Rule 2: Be Smart When Ordering Marijuana Seeds Online