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how to stop weeds from growing in garden bed

How to stop weeds from growing in garden bed

“These aren’t a solid option,” Rubert says.

Salt, Vinegar or Other Kitchen Remedies

Pro tip: Save the vinegar for your salad dressing.

Weeding by Hand

But this isn’t your best option if there are a lot of existing perennials or shrubs. The weed killer will kill them, too.

How to stop weeds from growing in garden bed

Few of us have enough time to do the jobs we enjoy, so finding a way of saving time on weeding is a big benefit. It is possible to treat large areas quickly and with little effort. Apart from the selfish benefit of saving time and effort, there are cultural benefits to using modern weedkillers.

1. Mulch your flower bed

Roundup Optima+ and Weedol RootKill Plus are systemic weedkillers. Systemic weedkillers are designed for tough as well as all round weed killing. They kill from the inside out – right down to the deepest root so weeds can’t re-grow.

3. Weed on a dry and sunny day

Weedkillers are best sprayed in the evening when it’s cooler. This gives maximum time for the chemical to be absorbed and ensure good results.