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how to stop weeds growing through pebbles

How to stop weeds growing through pebbles

Pour into a spray bottle and then liberally spritz your gravelled area.

Once you’ve killed off the errant weeds – you will need to take some steps to make sure they don’t come back.

How to stop weeds growing in gravel – the 3 ingredient weedkiller (Image: GETTY)


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Gravel is an ideal covering for paths, driveways and to add some decoration to your green space.

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How to stop weeds: This weedkiller will work for between paving stones too (Image: GETTY)

How to stop weeds: You will need to get permeable landscape fabric to put under gravel and prevent weeds coming back (Image: GETTY)

How to stop weeds growing through pebbles

Yes, that is also an option, but think about what this is going to do to your hands, back, and knees. By picking out each weed, it’s a lot of physical work. Here are three tips that you should monitor when going through with this decision. Make sure that your body is able to cope with the process well before, instead of sitting down on the couch with an ice pack over your back at the end of the day.

Are Gravel Driveways Worth it?

Layer a landscape fabric over the pebbles. It creates a border between the rocks and the lawn. This type of fabric blocks the growth of weeds that you miss upon taking them out by hand. Make sure that the fabric stays down. Use landscaping staples. Make sure that you don’t leave any gaps so the weeds can’t grow out. If nothing is blocking weeds from other landscapes then weeds will grow no matter what.

How to Get Rid of Weeds

Creating a Barrier

Let’s start with first priorities first. Gravel driveways have become a growing trend in designing our houses to make them stand out across the neighborhood. Having a gravel driveways looks better. Not to mention, people can really get used to that crunching noise when visitors come up the driveway. Let’s look into a few more positives behind the gravel driveway.

What Tools Do I Need?

How to stop weeds growing through pebbles

Cons; Because Vinegar is a disinfectant it kills beneficial bacteria in your soil sterilising the soil for up to two years, could be a problem if you want to plant in it any time soon.

Pros; simply use ordinary full strength vinegar, white is best, although any vinegar will work. Vinegar is effective and will kill the weeds, but does not discriminate so be sure not to spray it on or near plants you wish to keep.

Gravel driveways add a bit of rustic charm to your home. Gravel is a lot cheaper than block paving, cleaner than tarmac, good for drainage, looks better and more ECO friendly than imprinted concrete and also help with security. Burglars hate walking or driving over crunchy gravel.

The only sure ways I know to keep gravel weed-free is to dig the weeds out by hand or to treat the area with Glyphosate weed killer. I have described both of the weed control methods I use in this article.

More ways to keep gravel pathways and drives weed free

But, gravel pathways and driveways that have light traffic or are neglected can quickly become overgrown with weeds and grass, so let’s look at ways of getting rid of the weeds and then stopping weeds getting into gravel

full application instructions and dilution rates come with it.

Corkscrew weeder Takes the backache out of weeding gravel. Ideal for removing tap-rooted weeds growing through weed suppressant fabric, simply screw the steel spiral through the gravel into the ground and pull. lifetime guarantee

Using plastic sheeting for weed suppressants; pros and cons

I found the best and easiest way to kill weeds growing in gravel was to use weed killers containing Glyphosate. they kill the whole plant including the roots. It kills annual and deep-rooted perennial garden weeds, including grass, docks, nettles, willow herb, dandelion and bindweed in one application with no need to reapply. A single two Litre bottle treats up to 3332 sq/m. If you are clearing just a small area store it in your shed for next season.

Cons; Unfortunately raking also stirs up the dirt that has got into the gravel creating a seed bed for new airborne weeds.