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indoor marijuana grow lights

Indoor marijuana grow lights

The Sunblaster compact fluorescent grow light is one of the best in its class. It can be affordable, too. In fact, the four-pack provides a great value for those sticking to a budget.

Wattage also helps determine how far away you should keep your plants. Generally speaking, higher wattage lights need to be positioned further away from your plants because they can burn them. LED lights are an exception to this rule because they give off surprisingly less heat when compared to the other types of lighting with the same wattage.


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The fluorescent light tubes are also two feet long, so the four 24W tubes each provide double the amount of light that you can get from ordinary lights. The T5 is suspended from two points, making it easy to install or adjust relative to the size of your plants. This light system works very well for larger gardens because of how much space a single light can cover.

Lighting Terms That you Should Know

How do you maintain such a powerful light? Small inbuilt fans keep the lights cool and therefore eliminate the need for additional ventilation. Your plants will not suffer from light burn even though they are receiving plenty of light.

Indoor marijuana grow lights

“Since the needs of humans to see are different than the needs of plants to grow, lighting solutions in your house are not designed to provide the spectra plants need for photosynthesis, and many cultivars will not get the light they need to develop to their maximum potential,” she elaborated.

The cost of operating indoor grow lights varies depending on wattage and how much light you are shining on your plant through each growth stage. Since young plants require less light, energy costs are likely to be lower during this stage. In 2018, indoor grow lights at different stages of the cannabis life cycle cost the following on average:

Bottom line: Choosing an LED grow light specifically designed for plants is a reliable way to ensure an abundant harvest.

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Vegetative phase

Flowering phase

Even if you no longer use incandescent or halogen bulbs and have opted for LED lighting, it is unlikely that the lights in your home will be sufficient for your cannabis plants. Schimelpfenig cited the simple reason that the lamps in your house are designed for human eyes, not marijuana plants.

Are house lights good for plants?

Indoor grow lights are known for facilitating large yields of high-quality cannabis and can help you take your harvest to the next level. But how do you begin to choose if you’re just starting your indoor grow journey?

Bottom line: Consider consulting the DesignLights Consortium’s Horticultural Lighting Technical Requirements and Qualified Products Library to compare grow lights by wattage, spectral distribution, and manufacturer.