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is it legal to grow weed in washington state

Is it legal to grow weed in washington state

The measure has been introduced several times in the past, but has stalled. Kloba thinks that the number of states that have recently embraced home growing builds the case for Washington to do the same.

Washington’s ban on home growing puts the state at odds with most others that have legalized recreational pot use. Of those 15 states, at least 10 allow home growing, including Oregon, Vermont, Nevada, California and Colorado. Last fall, voters in South Dakota, Arizona and Montana also approved ballot measures that legalized growing marijuana at home.

Still, some new provisions have been added to the bill this year to try to address public safety and nuisance concerns.

But it’s not clear that the state’s tax collections would be hurt by allowing people to grow marijuana at home.

Is it legal to grow weed in washington state

Plus, we are proud to have medical endorsements at select dispensaries. This means we can help medical patients find the best products for their needs and accommodate the benefits they receive from enrollment in the state’s patient database.

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There have been several attempts to legalize personal-use home grows in Washington state. None have been successful yet. The main reasons are fears of illegal and unwanted activities, including burglaries and exposure to children. Some even worry that neighborhoods would begin to reek of marijuana smells.

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“It makes no sense that you can be charged with a felony for growing a plant whose derivative products you can buy at a store…This bill will correct an injustice in our system and give people the freedom to grow small amounts of cannabis on their own property.”

Buddies Cannabis

So why is it that Washington can’t follow their lead and allow residents to grow personal use cannabis?

Permission to grow up to six plants only applies to medical patients who have opted into the voluntary medical marijuana database. The database protects medical users against the threat of arrest and also allows for tax-free purchases and access to more potent products.

Is it legal to grow weed in washington state

Under 21? Using or possessing cannabis—sometimes called marijuana, pot, herb, bud, weed, grass, chronic, dank, dope, ganga, and kush—before the age of 21 is illegal unless medically authorized.

16 oz. of cannabis-infused, solid edibles

Like harvested flowers or “bud.”

On campus

7 grams of cannabis concentrate.

Driving a car or operating a boat under the influence of cannabis isn’t just illegal—it’s dangerous. That goes for passengers too. Even if you’re only along for the ride, it’s still illegal to have cannabis outside of its original, unopened package or use it while in the passenger seat.

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Speaking of where you shouldn’t use cannabis. When it comes to the car, cannabis should stay in its original, unopened package and out of reach—like in the trunk.

Whether you’re visiting Washington state or leaving it, learn the laws around traveling with cannabis.