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Auto Jamaica is an autoflowering hybrid based mainly on Cuban Indica crossed with a brightest Jamaican Sativa landrace that the breeders could find in Jamaica. The strain is designed as a mild energetic weed with a heavy enjoyable stone following. By means of progressive technologies and also using rich cannabis breeding traditions inherent in this country, Auto Jamaica was refined to compete cup winning cannabis varieties. 100% authentic and top quality, Auto Jamaica seeds have been examined by local connoisseurs and estimated as an elite level strain.

Grow peculiarities

Auto Jamaica buds give an intense pine odour. The typical 350-450 g/m2 yield produced by Auto Jamaica can be increased with cannabis training such as LST and SCRoG. Dried and cured buds smell of lime and pine, smoke tastes flowerish with a fresh aftertaste. Auto Jamaica produces strong and healthy plants of medium height, but rich in blossom, mostly with 3-5 side colas, leaves somewhat more protruded than normal Indica leaves, but shorter and broader than those of Sativa. The slight Ruderalis influence gives this strain vigor and resistance to molds, also making for its short height. A very outdoor strain, productively grown indoors as well.


Users report Auto Jamaica to rise one’s creativity and imaginative thinking, also the strain tends to produce changes in perception of space, time and gravity. Auto Jamaica by Marley Seedbank is trippy, its drive changing into total placidity and back again. Does not normally block your communication, though, one of the best marijuana strains for partying up late. Proven a remedy against depression and appetite disorders.

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Saludos, Eva Seeds

Quisiera saber si llegan puerta a puerta sin que pase x aduana.. de 99 semillas. Soy de.rosario Argentina .. .. Respuesta:

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Nosotros acá en europa utilizamos un bacilo que se llama bacillus thurienguiensis, es completamente ecológico.
Si estás en crecimiento puedes usar algún insecticida especcífico para oruga pero nunca debes usar en químicos en floración.
Acá el bacillus lo encontramos en polvo para diluir en agua , y se usa una vez por semanas. Espero que en Chile puedas encontrar algo parecido o igual.

Saludos. Eva seeds.

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Es un selección de landrace jamaicanas.