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larry bubba seeds

Larry bubba seeds

Larry OG seeds are best grown by novices with at least one grow experience, or veteran green thumbs who have notched several grows on the belt.

Alright — enough about lineage — you probably want to know whether all this elite OG crossing has yielded a dank strain or not.

Here are the details.

Resistance to Pests and Mold:

Keep humidity and airflow in check. Don’t allow relative humidity to creep above 55%, and always ensure that your plants get plenty of air circulation covering all surface areas.

Such accolades are meaningless if the strain doesn’t pick up a following, but Larry has had no such problem doing so. Dispensaries simply can’t keep Larry OG on the shelves, which means your best bet at tasting some is growing it yourself.

Flowering Time:

Larry OG seeds are THC dominant strain with concentrations of up to 22% THC.

Orange County is an affluent sun-drenched enclave an hour south of Los Angeles, California. Maybe you’ve heard of it because The OC TV show popularized the comfortable living and suburban drama that unfolds under its palm trees and backyard pools.

A toke of Larry OG is like taking a bite of fresh meringue pie, except the sticky sweet taste of this potent marijuana will leave you feeling relaxed and worry free.

Larry OG feminized marijuana seeds are known for producing dense nugs and a shock of burnt orange pistils that are longer than average. Larry flourishes indoors, in a greenhouse, or a grow tent, but because some patience and attention is required to maintain it’s often statuesque height, it’s considered one of those kinds of strains better suited for intermediate gardeners who have some experience cultivating finicky marijuana seeds.


Also known as Lemon Larry because of its strong overtones of citrus, Larry OG marijuana is balanced hybrid and potent mood elevator. With 24% THC content, you can expect to feel almost immediately soothed by its indica heritage, coupled with a euphoric high that is surprisingly focused. Despite that cherry uplift in mood, save Larry OG marijuana for the evening, because a steady sleepy feeling sets in over time, which gets more pronounced the more you smoke. Popular among patients, it’s ideal for treating mental health disorders and chronic pain conditions, as well as for patients suffering from appetite loss.

With the ability to deliver a smile as effectively as another famous Larry we know, Larry OG feminized mairjuana seeds are a legend in their own right, delivery worry-free relaxation on a cloud of citrus/pine smoke.