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mango glue seeds

Mango glue seeds

When growing Somango Glue indoors you’ll find that it’s quite simple and easy to grow thanks to its GG#4 genes. You can grow these plants for just 20-25 days before flipping the lights to flower, as they double in height once they begin to bloom, keeping them just under a meter tall. For the best possible results we don’t recommend placing more than 9 plants per m2 so that they have enough space to grow properly, allowing you to harvest over 500g. We also recommend using organic nutrients in order to fully appreciate this strain’s flavor and aroma. It should be ready to harvest after about 55 flowering days.

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Somango Glue is a special strain that can produce enormous yields covered in sticky resin that produces an intense mango-like aroma. This strain is perfect for making your own delicious extracts.

Growing Somango Glue Outdoors

Somango Glue by Advanced Seeds is a strain that comes from combining the incredibly psychoactive and THC-rich Gorilla Glue #4 with a delicious, high-yielding Somango selection. The resulting strain is indica-dominant and produces plenty of branches, staying kind of short, which allows you to grow it in small areas without much trouble. When it comes to the flowering period, this strain produces incredibly dense and large plants that end up covered in a thick layer of aromatic resin. The final product is perfect for making your own terpene-rich extracts with a XL Washer or for drying and curing for at least 2 months in order to make the most of its delicious aroma and flavor.

When growing this strain outdoors you’ll notice it growing wide, with plenty of branches, so you’ll need to give it lots of space if you want to let it grow normally. It does well with training and pruning, allowing you to easily control its size and shape if you want to grow more discreet plants or increase yield by growing them out wide. This allows you to grow this strain discreetly on balconies and roofs while still obtaining large yields. Outdoors when grown in the ground you can grow plants over 2m tall, capable of producing over 700g each which should be ready to harvest towards the end of September.

Somango Glue produces flavors and aromas that are similar to Somango, although you’ll also notice hints of earth and pine similar to GG#4, which can even be similar to citric and diesel flavors at time depending on the phenotype. Its effects, due to being quite a balanced strain, are initially active and energetic but slowly descend and become moderately relaxing.

Somango Glue by Advanced Seeds | Potent, Delicious, High Yielding

Growers are continuously impressed with this strain due to its large buds, approximately the size of a softball. These buds can be up to a foot and a half in length. Mango plants are best recognized for their deep red and purple coloring — not to mention the sweet smell of mango that travels in the air.

If something has been around since the 60s, you know it’s got to be good. That’s how we feel about Mango marijuana seeds. This strain dates back to the 1960s, but its genetics were changed in the 90s after it was crossed with KC 33 to give us the Mango strain we see today.

Mango is listed as one of the best smelling strains on the market. While your body feels relaxed and pain-free, your mind will enjoy complete euphoria.


We all know what mangos taste like — fresh, sweet, and juicy. That’s why the Mango strain is so addictive and intoxicating. It ranks as one of the best smelling strains out there. The THC levels range from 15 – 20% and the flowering time lands between 9 to 11 weeks. It’s no wonder growers and smokers keep coming back for more. Who can resist the smell of mangos? Your whole apartment will be filled with the aroma after only a few hits.

Under the influence of Mango, you’ll start to feel relaxed and peaceful at the beginning. You’ll notice your worries melt away as the second wave of emotion starts to hit you. Up next is euphoria. You’ll feel happy and energetic in the mind, but relaxed and pain-free in the body. Mango marijuana seeds really deliver the best of both worlds.