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marijuana grow light cycle

Marijuana grow light cycle

Just remember that all cannabis plants are different and what works for one specific plant may not result in the same plant growth and yields with another one, this is because the following elements will directly affect plant growth:

This means that when growing outdoor you have to know the amount of light and darkness you will receive in the next couple of months so your plant develops the way you want to.

Different light cycles with autoflowering cannabis are also used to save electricity, by giving your plant a little bit less of light (like a 16/8) it will sum up to an important amount at the end of each cycle. Even though it can affect the yield, removing only 2hs of light per day shouldn’t make a big difference on the plant and can save you a couple of bucks.

For example, in California, we have the following light schedules throughout the year:

Autoflowering Plants

Have in mind that giving your plants less light will cause them to develop slower and if you’re not that experienced, you should follow the 18/6 light schedule and only give them more light (like 20/4) if you know your plant can take it. But in general, the most common light schedules for vegetating cannabis plants are:

But not all indoor light fixtures provide a full spectrum so if you’re an indoor grower, you will have to get either a full-spectrum LED or combine both MH and HPS light bulbs to get the ideal plant growth.

However, you don’t actually need to do this, you can grow your plants from seed to harvest under any light fixture as long the results are good enough for you; Even though it’s highly recommended, it’s not essential to provide a full spectrum to getgood plant growth, just have in mind that to get the best results you should provide a full spectrum and tune it according to your goal and the specific strain because all strains are different and they may grow slightly different under the same light spectrum.

Photoperiodic Plants

And, as fall approaches the sun is closer and as a result, your plants will get more of the red spectrum which promotes stretching and bud production; this means that by keeping track of the spectrum throughout the seasons you can plan your grow cycle to get the best plant growth possible, using the different spectrum to control how your plants grow.

Apart from the light schedule, it’s also important that you provide the “correct” light spectrum for cannabis in vegetative stage to grow as they should; Now, there isn’t a best light spectrum or the best led for vegetative growth because each spectrum and light fixture has its own effects on cannabis plants but there are definitely some that may be more useful than others depending on what stage your plant is in.

Marijuana grow light cycle

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Cannabis Growth Timeline

Female: Two pistils (the pistil contains the reproductive parts of a flower) will be growing on the buds (flowers grow above these leaves, one cluster on each side).

The quality of your plant depends on your knowledge of the cannabis growth stages and the lifecycle of your plants.


It can take anywhere from 4 to 8 months to grow a cannabis plant, this varies based on where you’re growing. If you have an indoor grow room, your plant has the ability to flower after only a few weeks!

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Male: Small green sacs full of pollen will be seen on the node areas.

3. Vegetative Growth

How to tell if your plant is a male or female

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