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marijuana grow security

Marijuana grow security

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We provide a complete cannabis plant tracking solution that helps operators monitor products and compliance at every stage, from seed to sale. Advanced RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology can be integrated with CCTV camera systems to identify objects in and around your grow facility using electromagnetic waves. This can be used to track individual plants in your facility, see their progress all the way from cloning and vegetation, to harvesting, to transport stages. With the right technology, cannabis business operators can search stored footage for plants, see when products have safely arrived, and get a comprehensive view of their growing operations.

Grow Facility Security Compliance

A solid grow facility security plan is essential in getting your cannabis business licensed and protecting product from theft and diversion. This process can be challenging due to conflicting marijuana laws in different jurisdictions. We create cannabis security plans tailored for the ultimate safety, scalability, and compliance, that are designed to get approved the first time.

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Reduce Inventory Shrinkage with RFID and CCTV System Integration

Our cannabis consulting experts offer grow facility security consulting to help you craft a state-of-the-art solution. We carefully examine floor plans and grow areas for vulnerabilities, and identify how operators can correct them with marijuana surveillance cameras, grow facility access control, VMS software, and intrusion detection systems. Experience our white-glove consultation service today.

Marijuana grow security

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Intrusion alarm systems are fully integrated with both access control and video surveillance. They incorporate glass break sensors, vibration sensors (for vaults and exterior walls), panic buttons (usually hidden all over the facility), and motion sensors.

External Surveillance Coverage

Cannabis Security Plans that are required for state licensing applications require a ton of content. These plans are often in the neighborhood of 200,000 words or 50+ pages. They must have every rule, regulation, policy, and procedure designed to reduce business and legal risk.