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marijuana grow up house

• Garbage bags are taken out of the home and transported away.

• There’s a strong skunk-like odour.

“Some buyers are picking up formerly stigmatized properties because they are cheaper and it allows them to get into desirable neighbourhoods,” said Lebow.

One property had work done that exceeded the $210,000 mortgage, said Kehoe.

A house once used as a grow-op may seem temptingly cheap.  But is it really a wise investment?

“Once a property has a negative factor which leads to stigma, every time it is listed for sale or lease that fact must be disclosed by the realtor,” said Lebow.

“Buying a grow op is for a very select market because there is a stigma attached to these properties,” said George Miller, the broker of record for the property on Richmond Park Boulevard.

• The house’s exterior isn’t cared for.

Some properties need so much work that they are better off being torn down and used for lot value, she said.

“Some of the professionals will use everything but the front room. They’ll take out the washroom and use every square inch for the plants,” said Kehoe.

Additional information is also available at the RECO website.

If you wish to report a marijuana grow houses in your neighbourhood, contact the Toronto Police Service. If you want to inquiry if a particular address was ever investigated as a grow up complete the Freedom of Information form and submit it along with the application fees to Toronto Police Service.

Property Information (Compliance) Reports
Property Information Reports do not provide you with information that will tell you if a property was ever a grow house.

A Property Information Report will only give you a snapshot of OPEN files, orders or permits on any specific address, it does not specify if these open files are due to the property being a marijuana grow house.

Marijuana grow houses – finding out if a house was used as a grow house

As a result of the City’s COVID-19 response, some in-person services have been suspended in City buildings and divisional phone line hours may be different from what is indicated. If you experience any difficulties contacting a division, please contact 311.

Orders from the past that are now closed/resolved will not be captured on a Property Information Report.

Toronto Police investigation into grow houses
Once Toronto Police has completed an investigation into a grow house property, details will be forwarded to the City of Toronto. If any action is required by the property owner, or superintendent or landlord, the Toronto Building division will contact you, there is no need to contact the City.