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marijuana growing tools

Marijuana growing tools

What to attach the twist ties to?

Liquid/Water Transfer Pump

We took the above video using a USB microscope hooked up to a smartphone with an OTG adapter. So far this seems to be one of the most accurate ways to look at trichomes. You can make the picture big so you’re not squinting through a tiny jeweler’s loupe, or take video to look at more closely afterward.

Digital Magnifier

Think of tape as a temporary cast for your plants! Always remove the tape after the injury heals. This knuckle that formed by DrWeedington may be the most impressive save I’ve seen with tape

Marijuana growing tools

There are many more options when going for a LED light and I cover some of the best here:

How you ensure the quality of your seeds is by buying them from a reputable seedbank with lots of positive and trusted reviews.

Fox Farm NutrientsNutrients When Growing in Soil

Again, there is no ‘better’ method.

Although a grow tent isn’t absolutely essential…

3. Growing Medium

Those are a lot of supplies and the list sounds expensive.