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Hey Hey Beantown! Are you looking for cannabis seeds in Boston? Mosca Seeds is the hook up! We've got autos, feminized and regular MJ seeds Are you still contemplating where to buy marijuana seeds in Boston? Beaver Seeds has the full arsenal of low-cost five-star Boston marijuana seeds. Learn everything you need to know about cannabis culture, laws, history, and where you can buy the best cannabis seeds in the Bay State.


Boston is an amazing and diverse city with wonderful attractions for everyone to enjoy. Spend some time here and you’ll see that Boston is a welcoming place that delivers great energy and fun for locals and visitors alike.

Normally without Covid-19, fans pack sports stadiums every week with Boston energy that will make any sporting event an unforgettable one. Whether you’re a Red Sox fan, enjoy a football game with the Patriots , like basketball watching the Celtics or are a Bruins hockey fan, there is a sport for every season! Plus we have a great downtown and nightlife packed with many award-winning restaurants. Boston is your one size fits all for all things entertainment and enjoyment!

However, now Mosca Seeds is excited to add top-quality cannabis seeds in Boston to that list of great features that Boston has to offer. We have proudly provided our customers with the best cannabis seeds on the market for 13 years.

Like a delicious meal or a fine wine, quality is important!

We believe the same rule applies to cannabis seeds and marijuana. Our seeds are developed with the highest level of quality genetics and can suit any need you may have. If you’re trying to relax after a long day or having to deal with the burden of chronic pain, we have a wide variety of feminized and regular cannabis seeds that can help you grow the plants best suited for your needs.

Check out our Top Sellers! As with all of our cannabis seeds featured, we provide you with as much information about them as possible so you know exactly what to expect after your harvest is complete. This ranges from the amount of time it takes for the plants to grow, to their designed purposes, and even physical properties like plant height and yield amount. Our goal is to make the process of growing our top quality cannabis seeds as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Mosca Seeds is recognized internationally with multiple Cannabis Cup awards, earning the respect of entrepreneurs and cannabis connoisseurs worldwide. We offer a wide selection of quality seeds originating from high quality seed strain genetics. Contact us with any questions and check out our authorized seed banks to find the best marijuana seeds in Illinois.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Boston, USA?

Are you deciding on where to buy marijuana seeds in Boston? Well, let us tell you why you should buy our Beaver seeds! We 100% guarantee that our US cannabis seeds are of five-star quality. Whether you are looking for the mood-lifting or the stress-relieving strain, we have it all available for you at a low-cost price! Beaver seeds have the complete selection of the finest Boston marijuana seeds that are created from elite genetics. We also do discreet and speedy shipping that will assure your Beaver seeds package arrive at your residence intact and on time. Chat with our experienced help center crew and they will help you pick out the perfect marijuana seeds Boston for you and your medical needs!

Have all the control over your medical marijuana supply in Boston, USA through! We carry low-cost five-star quality medical marijuana seeds Boston has to offer. As a trusted seed bank in the United States of America, with almost two decades of quality service, we are experienced and knowledgeable to recommend the best marijuana seeds for you. We also are capable of guiding you through growing your medical marijuana garden so that it can yield incredible amounts of potent weed for you. Chat with our customer care team now and cultivate your own homegrown cannabis garden today!

High Quality Boston Marijuana Seeds for Sale Online

Do you wish you could grow your own medical Boston marijuana seeds supply but have no clue where to even start? Your wish is granted! Beaver seeds are here to help pick out your seeds and guide you on how to grow them!

Through our online shopping experience, you will be able to purchase your seeds in just a few minutes! All you have to do is choose your desired marijuana seeds from our complete collection and click on the “Buy Now” button. Accomplish the shipping and payment details portion then head over to the checkout. That’s it! We will immediately and discreetly ship your seeds package right to your doorstep!

While waiting, you can get in touch with our customer service crew and consult on the proper cultivation of your purchased seeds. They will guide you step-by-step on how to effectively and efficiently grow your garden so that you can reap an abundant harvest!

Our five-star USA cannabis seeds are 100% guaranteed to have the highest quality because they are all created only from elite genetic strains. Our low-cost cannabis seeds are expertly bred to reward you with an abundant amount of highly potent weed.

Give our reliable customer service team a ring and start cultivating your Boston medical marijuana garden now!

Why Buy Marijuana Seeds Boston from

Are you still contemplating where to buy marijuana seeds in Boston? Let us help with that! has the full arsenal of low-cost five-star Boston marijuana seeds in all of America. As the trusted American Seed bank, we assure our valued customers that they will only get five-star seeds that are created with elite genetic strains that can yield an abundant amount of harvest.

We offer a complete set of the different cannabis seed types that are perfect for both recreational and medical use. Choose from our High CBD Seeds, Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds, Regular Cannabis Seeds, Feminized Cannabis Seeds, and Fast Version Cannabis Seeds, and pick out the best seeds for you!

Buy seeds Massachusetts Boston marijuana at a very low cost! If you buy a minimum amount of our five-star Boston marijuana seeds today, we will ship your package for free and even include free seeds in it! We accept Cash, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, Credit Card, Cash App, Paypal, and Venmo payment methods! We ship straight to your location wherever you may be in the United States or even the world! Order now and we will swiftly and discreetly ship your seeds package!


Regular Marijuana Seeds
  • 24K Gold Regular Marijuana Seeds
  • Agent Orange Regular Marijuana Seeds
  • Alien Technology Regular Marijuana Seeds
  • Amnesia Lemon Regular Marijuana Seeds
  • Amnesia Lemon x Cake Boom Regular Marijuana Seeds
  • BC God Bud Regular Marijuana Seeds
  • Bruce Banner Regular Marijuana Seeds
  • Candy Punch Regular Marijuana Seeds
  • Chocolope Candy Regular Marijuana Seeds
  • Chocolope Kush Regular Marijuana Seeds
Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds
  • Behold – The Devil’s Crack Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
  • Blackberry AutoFlower Marijuana Seeds
  • Fucking Incredible Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
  • Grand Daddy Purple AutoFlower Marijuana Seeds
  • Maui Wowie Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
  • Pineapple Express Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
  • Skywalker Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
  • Tangerine Dream Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
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Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Cali Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Candy Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Chocolate Chunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Gorilla Glue Feminized Marijuana Seeds
High CBD Marijuana Seeds
Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

Get your Top Quality Medical Marijuana Seeds Boston Online from Beaver Seeds Today!

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When it comes to the best Boston marijuana seeds in the United States of America, is the only sane choice! We offer five-star marijuana seeds Boston has to offer! All of our seeds are exclusively made from elite quality genetics in the market, so you are 100% guaranteed that you are getting the best at a very low-cost price!

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Why Grow Your Own Supply of Medical Marijuana at Home?

There is nothing like having your own stash of medical marijuana. The moment your depression or insomnia kicks in, you have the antidote right at your hands. Having your own personal cannabis garden at home also means that you don’t have to keep buying your supply over and over again. You don’t have to worry about running out and you will be saving a lot of money too. But! And this is a big but. If you will be growing your own cannabis supply in Boston, you will need to have the right equipment and place for your marijuana garden. Don’t forget, it is extremely illegal to grow your own cannabis in America, so if you plan on cultivating your own marijuana garden, make sure to do it in a secret room of your home to avoid any unwanted attention from your neighbors or the authorities.

However, if you decide on procuring your supply of Boston medical marijuana seeds from head shops and dispensaries, prepare your wallets because it will be an expensive purchase. Furthermore, most establishments like these in America carry certain kinds of strains only. You have no assurance of getting the specific strain that you need in your nearest head shop or dispensary. That is why it is more efficient to buy your medical marijuana seeds Boston from a trusted online distributor like

You will have complete access to our complete five-star collection and have total control over your supply of medical Boston marijuana seeds! Our products are carefully evaluated, selected, and created from elite genetics to ensure all our customers that they will only receive the best marijuana seeds in the US market. Choose the perfect one that best works for your medical condition and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

It does not matter if you are a new gardener or seasoned veteran, we guarantee to have the marijuana seeds that are perfect for your capabilities! We have an array of marijuana strains that thrives perfectly indoors and/or outdoors in the US! If you have no knowledge of cultivation, we have an easy-to-follow germination guide that will allow you to properly grow and yield an abundant amount of highly potent weed in just a few short weeks.

Where to buy marijuana seeds in Boston? Beaver seeds! Speak with our reliable 24-7 customer care team and they will recommend the best seeds for you and even help you grow your medical marijuana garden!

Our quick and discreet delivery is offered to all our valued customers in the US and across the world! We accept Cash, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, Credit Card, Cash App, Paypal, and Venmo payment methods too! So, grab your low-cost, five-star Beaver seeds now! Procure a minimum amount of our seeds and we will include additional complimentary seeds in your package! Not only that, but we will also ship it for free!

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Boston?

United States weed laws differ from one state to another. Most areas have either decriminalized or legalized the usage of medical marijuana, but there are still some that prohibit it. For US cities that legalizes its usage, the age and purpose for consuming is usually the underlying caveat. For this reason, most American states require a medical card or prescription for a legal adult to be allowed to consume cannabis. On the other hand, there are a few states that are specific with the location of cultivation and the establishment where the marijuana seeds are purchased. But on the bright side, more and more US states are evolving and are slowly moving towards legalizing the use of marijuana as a medical alternative because of recent studies of its benefits. For now, it is better to research and review the weed laws of your current location before procure and grow your medical cannabis garden at home.

Recreational use of marijuana, on the other hand, is still illegal in most American states. However, this excludes the possession of ungerminated seeds by legal adults because these are considered a novelty item in the US. Moreover, some states have moved to lessen the penalties for possession of small quantities of marijuana. A small fine rather than jail time is given to an individual of legal age when they are caught with at least an ounce or less of cannabis.

So, as you can see, there is really nothing to worry about! If you are planning on buying marijuana seeds Boston, get your medical marijuana seeds Boston from Beaver Seeds! Pick up the phone and get in touch with our reliable customer care crew and they will guide you with selecting and ultimately growing your own medical marijuana garden at home!

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Massachusetts

Laws on Buying & Growing Marijuana Seeds in Massachusetts in 2022. Growing Tips, Recommended Seed Strains, and the Best Seed Banks That Deliver to The Bay State.

Massachusetts is known for housing some of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

Massachusetts is also known for legal recreational cannabis and medical marijuana. If you’re ready for some higher education on the best seed banks, top-rated seed strains, grow tips, and cannabis laws in the Bay State — read along!

In a Nutshell — The Legality of Marijuana Seeds in Massachusetts

Whether you have a law degree or not — it’s a good idea to know what’s legal when growing marijuana seeds at home in Massachusetts.

Here’s an overview of current cannabis laws in Massachusetts:

  • Medical marijuana is legal
  • Recreational cannabis is legal
  • CBD is legal
  • It’s legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds from seed banks
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As you can see — Massachusetts is an awesome state to live in if you want to understand things at a higher level. In any case, you’ll find the best online seed banks, top-shelf seed strains, grow tips, and an in-depth look at the history of cannabis laws in Massachusetts below.

Girl Scout Cookies

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Massachusetts

Although it’s legal to grow cannabis seeds from seed banks in Massachusetts — it’s not as simple as you may think.

From when to germinate weed seeds to what to watch out for — you’ll discover everything you need to know to ensure a record-busting harvest of top-shelf buds at the end of the season.

When to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Massachusetts

Massachusetts exhibits a humid continental climate.

In other words, Massachusetts experiences humid and warm summers. On the flip side, Massachusetts is known for long and freezing winters that’ll chill you to the bone.

Therefore, it’s clear that there’s a window of opportunity when it comes to germinating cannabis seeds in Massachusetts.

Overall, the best time to sprout marijuana seeds outdoors in Massachusetts is in the middle of May. By waiting until May, you’ll avoid any late-season frost that could destroy your seedlings before they take root.

Remember, the window of opportunity to germinate weed seeds depends on your location. If you live in Worthington — you may want to wait until the end of May.

Alternatively, if you live in Taunton — you can germinate cannabis seeds at the end of April. As long as the forecast shows pleasant weather — break out your weed seeds and get them started!

If you grow cannabis indoors — you can germinate your seeds year-round.

Massachusetts exhibits a humid continental climate, like here in the capital of Boston.

Issues to Consider When Growing Marijuana Seeds in Massachusetts

Next, let’s talk about a few problems you may encounter while growing weed seeds in Massachusetts.

From bad weather to pesky bugs — there’s a lot that can go wrong in a single indoor or outdoor grow season! Here’s a list of issues that you may experience while cultivating marijuana seeds in Massachusetts:

As you can see — each of these problems can destroy your cannabis crop in the blink of an eye. Therefore, continue reading below for an in-depth look at how to avoid disaster in each scenario.

Law Enforcement

It’s true — growing up to six cannabis seeds or plants is legal in Massachusetts.

Growing more than six marijuana seeds or plants isn’t. Therefore, you need to make sure you don’t go over the limit to be on the legal side of things.

In any case, the police don’t want you to advertise your cannabis crop by making it visible to the neighborhood. Therefore, it’s best to follow a few tips to stay out of the law’s radar.

If you grow marijuana indoors, always use a carbon filter in the grow room. Remember, carbon filters remove the dank aroma of cannabis. Using a carbon filter, your neighbor won’t decide to call the police due to an “offensive” smell.

Furthermore, always grow marijuana seeds and plants in a grow tent. Growing marijuana in a grow tent, bright light, noise, and aroma will not escape, making it less likely for any neighborly complaints.

If you grow cannabis outdoors — tall fencing is a good idea. Furthermore, you can place tomato plants around the cannabis garden to act as camouflage.


Although Massachusetts is a relatively safe state — thieves do exist.

Therefore, you want to protect your cannabis plants from thieves at night. Below, you’ll find a few different tips to ensure the safety of yourself and weed plants.

If growing weed indoors, you need a high-quality alarm system. From video surveillance to motion-detecting alarms, there’s nothing better than an alarm system.

If growing cannabis outdoors, tall fencing and motion-detecting flood lights are top-rated choices. Furthermore, outdoor surveillance is a great deterrent in most cases and can be handed over to the police in the event of a theft.

Inclement Weather

Woah — did somebody say bad weather in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has its fair share of bad weather days that come in the form of white-out blizzards, thunderstorms, and hurricanes.

As you can imagine, outdoor cannabis crops may suffer if they experience any of the above. Therefore, you should always protect your crop and be aware of the forecast.

Ultimately, outdoor cannabis growers in Massachusetts are recommended to grow fast-flowering seed strains to avoid fall temperatures. In other words, autoflowering or feminized seed strains are ideal for the overall environment in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts has its fair share of bad weather days that come in the form of white-out blizzards, thunderstorms, and hurricanes.

Pests and Diseases

Remember, Massachusetts exhibits a humid continental climate.

The keyword being humid. Therefore, you can expect high moisture levels during the prime growing season — summer.

As such, pests and diseases thrive in humid weather — especially in Massachusetts. Below, you’ll find our two-part IPM (insect pest management) program for a few helpful tips.

First, always buy disease and pest-resistant seed strains from an online seed bank. By doing so, you’ll avoid an outbreak in the first place.

Second, you should always apply organic pesticide or fungicide 2-3 times during the vegetative phase. By doing so, you’ll prevent any potential infestation from occurring.

Remember, never use non-organic chemicals on your cannabis crop. One way or another, you or someone you know will consume the final weed product, and non-organic chemicals are poisonous.

Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Massachusetts

Now, let’s talk about a few tried-and-true tips for growing weed seeds in Massachusetts.

Buy Cannabis Seeds From a Reputable Online or Local Seed Bank in Massachusetts

First and foremost — always buy cannabis seeds from a trustworthy seed bank in Massachusetts.

With so many seed banks across the world wide web — you have to do your own research to find a seed bank that’s backed by thousands of positive reviews. By doing so, you’ll always find the best cannabis seeds that grow into green beauties.

Remember, local or online seed banks are the gateway to thousands of verified seed strains. From award-winning seed strains to limited edition seed packs — you’ll find every seed strain you’ve ever dreamed of at a trustworthy seed bank.

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Regional Climate in Massachusetts

You must buy cannabis seeds according to your local climate in Massachusetts.

For example — you live in Boston, and the growing season is short. Therefore, it’s a wise choice to buy fast-flowering seed strains, such as autoflowering varieties, to ensure an early harvest.

Furthermore, you should always search online seed banks for seed strains that provide resistance to drastic temperature fluctuations.

By incorporating acclimated seed strains into your garden — you won’t have to worry about a few cold nights at the end of the season.

You must buy cannabis seeds according to your local climate in Massachusetts.

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Plan Your Cannabis Garden in Advance

Last but not least is to plan your cannabis garden.

Whether you grow cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors — your goal should be to complete the garden before you germinate seeds.

Even if your weed seeds arrive from an online seed bank earlier than expected — wait until you finish setting up the garden before you start them!

Which Marijuana Seed Store Is the Best Option For Residents in Massachusetts?

Next, let’s talk about two different types of seed banks and which is the best option for residents in Massachusetts.

Local Cannabis Seed Stores in Massachusetts

Luckily, local cannabis seed banks and dispensaries exist in Massachusetts.

However, local seed banks and dispensaries are not known for their seed selection or affordable pricing. Here are a few local seed banks/dispensaries that may sell weed seeds in the Bay State:

There are many local seed banks/dispensary options in Massachusetts. However, as we pointed out earlier — the selection, availability, and pricing are suspect.

Online Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship to Massachusetts

If you never want to see the sold-out sign — look no further than online seed banks that deliver to Massachusetts.

From thousands of seed strains to ultra-fast shipping, you’ll always get what you want at an online seed bank. Furthermore, our recommended seed banks that ship to Massachusetts offer the lowest prices and best discounts.

If you’re ready to buy the best weed seeds from a trustworthy source and have them delivered to your door in Massachusetts — look no further than our top-rated online seed banks:

Whether you choose ILGM or MSNL Seed Bank — you’ll always be satisfied. From thousands of positive reviews to unlimited seed strain selection, ILGM or MSNL Seed Bank has something for everyone in Massachusetts.

Marijuana-Seeds.NL – High Quality Genetics. Shipping Worldwide.

Recommended Cannabis Seed Strains to Buy From Online Seed Banks and Grow In Massachusetts

Without further ado — let’s take a look at our top three seed strains to grow in Massachusetts this season!

Bruce Banner Feminized Seed Strain

Most marijuana lovers want one thing — strong weed.

If you’ve been searching for the elusive one-hit-quit seed strain, look no further than Bruce Banner.

The Bruce Banner Feminized seed strain contains THC levels of epic proportions. Topping out at over 30% THC, you may find yourself in over your head after your first puff of Bruce Banner’s gorgeous buds.

Furthermore, the Bruce Banner Feminized seed strain is easy to grow and excels in indoor and outdoor conditions. Whether you’re a beginner or pro — the Bruce Banner seed strain provides ounces of top-shelf weed!

Last but not least, the Bruce Banner seed strain flowers quickly and can handle moderate to high levels of humidity. In other words, the Bruce Banner Feminized seed strain was built for growers in Massachusetts.

Super Silver Haze Feminized Seed Strain

Super Silver Haze

When it comes to the king of disease and pest resistance — nothing compares to the Super Silver Haze Feminized seed strain.

The SSH Feminized seed strain provides cultivators with stress-free growing. From the ease of growth to high disease resilience, the Super Silver Haze Feminized seed strain is a must-have for indoor and outdoor growers alike.

Furthermore, the Super Silver Haze Feminized seed strain is incredibly easy to grow. In other words, beginners and professionals can produce a whopping harvest of top-shelf SSH buds.

Lastly, the Super Silver Haze Feminized seed strain is a rare example of a fast-flowering sativa. If you’re ready to get motivated and boost your creativity — look no further than the Super Silver Haze Feminized seed strain.

Gelato Auto Seed Strain

When you want the ultimate hybrid that’s loaded with enough flavor to send your taste buds into a frenzy — look no further than the Gelato Auto seed strain.

The Gelato Auto seed strain has it all — mind-blowing effects, sky-high THC content, rapid flowering, and delicious terpenes. Furthermore, the Gelato Auto seed strain is renowned for its ease-of-growth that’ll make anyone feel like a stone-cold green thumb.

You’ll discover rock-hard nugs the size of your fist in as little as 8-weeks post-germination, which makes the Gelato Auto seed strain ideal for Massachusetts short summer. Whether you grow cannabis indoors or outdoors — the Gelato Auto seed strain is the perfect pick for this year’s growing season.

The History of Cannabis in Massachusetts

Next, let’s dive into Massachusetts’ history of cannabis.

As you can imagine — Massachusetts didn’t always embrace marijuana. Instead, Massachusetts’ long road with cannabis took decades to settle into what it is today.

Cannabis Laws in Massachusetts

From cannabis prohibition to legal marijuana — Massachusetts is no stranger to cannabis regulation.

Below, you’ll discover all of the landmark moments that shaped Massachusetts’ cannabis laws into what they are today.

Massachusetts Bans Cannabis

Massachusetts happened to be the first state in the USA to ban cannabis.

In 1911, Massachusetts made the move to restrict Indian hemp — a common xenophobic term for cannabis.

In 1911, Massachusetts made the move to restrict cannabis.

Massachusetts Decriminalizes Cannabis

In 2008, Massachusetts made the landmark decision to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis.

Although it took nearly a century, Massachusetts passed the Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative. The initiative made possessing an ounce or less a civil infraction, which amounted to a $100 fine.

Massachusetts Legalizes Medical Marijuana

In 2012, Massachusetts passed Question 3 — the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative.

However, medical marijuana sales would not go live until 2013 once medical marijuana dispensaries were fully ready. Furthermore, many cities within Massachusetts attempted to ban dispensaries but eventually lost in court.

Overall, medical marijuana patients are allowed to possess a 60-day supply without the threat of prosecution. Furthermore, medical marijuana license holders are allowed to grow up to six cannabis seeds or plants at home in Massachusetts.

In 2012, Massachusetts passed Question 3 — the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative.

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana License in Massachusetts

If you want to apply for a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts — you need to apply online with Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission.

Applying for a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts is an easy endeavor. Once approved, you’ll have access to over 35 medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts.

The Legality of Cannabis Seeds and Seed Banks in Massachusetts

If you’re wondering about the legality of cannabis seeds and seed banks in Massachusetts, relax — they’re legal.

Now that retail dispensaries are open in Massachusetts, you’ll find a wide variety of cannabis seeds for sale. Furthermore, more seed banks will likely crop up throughout Massachusetts as many residents take up cannabis cultivation.

If you prefer to buy cannabis seeds from the comfort of home, along with a wide selection, look no further than online seed banks!

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