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maui bubble gift seeds

Maui bubble gift seeds

Train Wreck x Trinity x Purple Urkle x Space Queen

Type: AC/DC x Maui Wowie x Gods Gift x Bubblegum

Qrazy Train

Type: 90% Indica, 10% Sativa.

Helps With: Pain, Nausea, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, PTSD, Arthritis, Febromyalgia, Migraines and Appetite Loss.

AC/DC Maui Bubble Gift

You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store with the sweet flavor and aroma that has pine-like tones with a perfectly balanced hybrid high that will lift you up before dropping you back down. It starts with a euphoric, cerebral and mentally uplifting head buzz that’s eventually paired with a relaxing body stone that calms all your nerves and melts away any aches or pains that may be slowing you down that day.

Maui bubble gift seeds

For this reason, those with depression, chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety, PTSD and bipolar, can all experience some relief. God’s Gift is potent and contains plenty of THC. Therefore, a full bowl or more is sufficient for those with physical medical ailments, while just a few hits, or a much smaller quantity, is best for medical patients with conditions pertaining to the mind and mental state.

Becoming massively popular all along the West Coast and throughout California after its debut arrival in 1995, God’s Gift has continued to rise in notoriety. However, its origins and source of existence are not all that clear. Regardless of not knowing the truth, which is simply too complicated to track, the breeders we most commonly associate with the name “God’s Gift”, are BC Bud Depot in collaboration with Scorpion Crew. These are two exceptionally brilliant marijuana seed producers.

In addition to diving its consumer into a deep, blissful trance, God’s Gift also produces extreme happiness. So much so it can cause random, but profuse giggling. This joy can become overwhelming at times, but certainly not in a negative manner. It just becomes challenging to wipe a smile off your face or to be serious about trivial matters.

As with all cannabis strains, some minimal adverse effects do exist, some marijuana types possessing more serious ones than others. Overall, God’s Gift has relatively few and minor side effects, but it does also contain a high THC content, which can lead to some less pleasant occurrences. For example, in high doses, THC can produce dizziness, dehydration, and paranoia amongst some consumers. The paranoia is most common amongst those who have a history of mood disorders or are diagnosed with anxiety, as well as those who generally feel quite stressed and worrisome frequently.

Medical Benefits of God’s Gift:

Most frequently, God’s Gift causes cottonmouth (dry mouth) and dry eyes. Both are easily manageable with a little extra preparation and planning. By consuming plenty of water before, during and after your high, you can relieve dry mouth. Headaches, dehydration and post-high grogginess are also less likely to arise. By purchasing a bottle of moisturizing eye drops from your local drug store or pharmacy in advance, dry eyes can also become a thing of the past.

If you are an individual seeking an herbal alternative to conventional medical treatments for arthritis, joint pain, migraines/headaches, chronic pain, chronic stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety, multiple sclerosis (MS), muscle spasms, back pains, PTSD, bipolar and other conditions, then God’s Gift may be an ideal place to begin your search. We hope you found this article to not only be entertaining, but also educational and informative.

Those intending to cultivate God’s Gift can rejoice now. This cannabis strain type is relatively easy to produce quality product from, so long as the proper measures are taken to assure a healthy harvest. Most of all, this indica requires a massive quantity of nutrients. Regularly providing your crops with vitamins and minerals, as well as sufficient amounts of water, can truly set apart a mediocre harvest from a quality one. Naturally resistant to disease, this gift will need regular monitoring, but likely won’t require any excess spraying or disease-prevention.

What Is God’s Gift Strain?

For these specific individuals, it is best to start slow with these more potent strains, and build up once feeling comfortable and at ease.

God’s Gift has been assisting both medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis consumers since its arrival on the scene. It acts as a genuine source of support and relief, mostly because of its potent organic chemical composition and immense THC content. Aside from these positive attributes, God’s Gift is a rather intriguing strain type, carrying with it some unique characteristics.