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medihaze seeds

CBD Medi Haze is a high-CBD sativa-dominant medicinal marijuana strain. It is a hybrid bred by first crossing a Super Silver Haze with Neville’s Haze and then adding CBD-enrichment courtesy of CBD Crew’s own high-CBD parent strains.

Indoors it will finish flowering at 9 – 10 weeks or thereabouts yielding between 450 – 550 gr/m 2 . When grown outdoors in northern latitudes CBD Medi Haze will be ready in the month of October. The buds pack on a lot of weight towards the end of flowering so growers be careful not to chop your crop too soon. Flavours are a combination of pine, menthol and spice.

CBD Medi Haze has a minimum THC:CBD ratio of 1:1 but some plants will produce twice as much CBD as THC. With its illustrious ancestry you might expect it to grow very tall but the truth is otherwise and its stretch can be easily controlled by not vegging for too long and providing sufficient light.

Medihaze seeds

This strain delivers on medical power. Famous for reducing pain and being long lasting Medihaze will not leave you feeling that mental fog associated with Indica dominant strains.

Haze lovers look no further than CBD Crews Medihaze cannabis seeds!

This is certainly the strain for daytime use as the THC level is at a minor 4% which implies the heady high is not as potent as some other medical strains. The high CBD level of 8% then again is a certification for a high-quality medical grade marijuana and is great for pain relief.

Zesty smells burst from MediHaze buds in a fragrant prologue to its perceptive, elevating effects and the piny, hot taste of the buds with insights of menthol makes this green drug a gift for the senses. The smoke is somewhat mild compared with other strong medical strains.