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mt. rainier seeds

You may know Mt. Rainier as the volcano that you can see from the Seattle skyline, but it is also the name of a cannabis strain that is nearly an equal balance of indica and sativa. Due to this unique combination, Mt. Rainier is uplifting, with THC levels that fall somewhere between 16 percent and 21 percent; it was created as a cross between White Lotus and Northern Lights #5.

You don’t have to climb a volcano to enjoy the extremely pleasant effects of Mt. Rainier, which include a boosted mood and deep relaxation.


Thanks to its sativa properties, Mt. Rainier begins to take effect quickly, providing users with a buzz that will both provide energy and joy. Say goodbye to worries and stress, as Mt. Rainier fills the mind with happy, content vibes. Next, tingles will begin to take hold, moving through the body in a wave-like motion, until you feel completely relaxed. At this point, you may want to find a comfortable seat, though some users have noted that Mt. Rainier can make them especially aroused.

From a medicinal cannabis standpoint, users can expect Mt. Rainier to help deal with issues like heightened stress and fatigue, as well as PTSD and depression. Some who suffer from insomnia may find that this strain can help them get a better night’s sleep.

Mt. rainier seeds

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